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See if it is the truth In my opinion the back of the book LIED Its description A DAZZLING PORTRAIT OF A MAN FOR WHOM COUNTLESS the back of the book LIED Its description A DAZZLING PORTRAIT OF A MAN FOR WHOM COUNTLESS WEREN T ENOUGH AND ONE GIRL WAS EVERYTHING Henry married Matilda because she was Saxon royalty It was a politically advantageous match for the kingdom s good He didn t dislike her But she was never his everything I get the impression that women were completely interchangeable to him One being very much like another Did I like it It wasn t so much a matter of liking or not liking I found it ite readable I often found Henry infuriating and I suppose I thought a lot of conversations to Matilda not that she could hear me I am glad I read on in the series 25 stars took me almost 2 weeks to read It was a fairly short book and should have been easy to read because the tone of the writing was very middle grade or young adult in nature Because of this style of writing I was bored out of my mind and had no desire to pick p this book which was a choreI am very interested in these characters however I would love a book on this era if anyone could recommend oneGroup read starts July 28 Moving on life is too short for dry as dirt Plaidy. Rverse sexuality and contempt for the ChurchAnd Henry Cleverest Of cleverest of awaited chance to fulfill his father's prophecy and assume the mantle of The Lion of Justice. ,
This was a very good book It is the first Plaidy that I have read I love historical

fiction but read 
but read novels I liked her style and will read that I have read I love historical fiction but read recent novels I liked her style and will read her books I will definitely read the other 2 books in this trilogy Plaidy made characters from the 1100s tangible though I did not like the Lion himself However she probably represented him fairly accurately or as accurately as an author can research represent a person who lived 900 years ago This is not the first time I read this book Something about it made me keep itI know what it is as I sed to be very romantic in my younger years and I hoped Henry Would Love Edith Atheling As Much would love Edith Atheling as much she loved him and abandon Nesta of Rys MarWell I m not as romantic nowThis is basically the story of Henry Beauclerc the youngest son of William the Conueror Henry was the one Nature s takin over my one track mindBelieve it or not you re in my heart all the timeAll the girls are sayin that you ll end p a foolFor the time being baby live by my rules The Lion of Justice focuses on three of William the Conueror s sons William Rufus William II Robert duke of Normandy and Henry Henry I It tells the story of William II s brief reign. The death of the Conueror left three sons to inherit his power and his wealth Normandy for Robert England for Rufus and for Henry the youngest five thousand pounds of. The Lion of Justice The Norman Series Volume 2
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His mysterious death in the forest and Henry I s reign In part the story is told through his een We meet the future Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing ueen as a young woman named Edith She is royal the daughter of the king andeen of Scotland She is also among the last of the Saxon royal dynasty The novel opens with Edith AND HER SISTER MARY GOING TO A CONVENT FOR her sister Mary going to a convent for They have an aunt there who is convinced that Edith should take vows and become a nun Edith finds the idea repugnant Eually repugnant to her is marrying an old man of the William II s choosing There are two close calls before she is married to King Henry Readers definitely know of Henry than she does One other thing that you should know he makes her change her name to Matilda Matilda was his mother s nameThere is a good reason why I oted Lou Christie s Lightin Strikes at the start of this review Henry I is depicted as arrogant and lusty and selfish He s repugnant And he s able to fool Matilda for several years at least She actually believes all his lines She actually trusts him He seems a bit surprised that there is any woman so gullible and naive to buy what he s saying He almost seems relieved when she confronts him to. SilverThe three were natural rivals The feckless Robert lost his Norman dukedom in an orgy of impulsive extravagance Red haired Rufus scandalized the court with his pe. ,