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From writing topnotch plays and novels YOU LOOK AT HIS PICTURE IN look at his picture in book and if without knowing who he is and you re made to guess if he s a playwrightnovelist or the next opponent of Manny Pacuiao you would most likely pick the latter He looks like a boxer or a cargador at the pier or a tough Mongolian warrior nder Genghis Khan That s the author Han Ong Now how is his workMany say his first novel Fixer Chao which I haven t read yet published in 2001 is much better than this The New York Times hailed it as a new immigrant classic and it was named a Los Angeles Times Best Book of the Year and was also nominated for a Stephen Crane First Fiction Award But this one his second novel Is No Slouch EitherThe Disinherited Reminds Me no slouch eitherThe Disinherited reminds me Jose Rizal s great Spanish era novels the Noli Me Tangere and the El Filibusterismo except that it is in Tangere and the El Filibusterismo except that it is in contemporary modern setting The oppressors here are no longer the Spaniards and the friars but poverty and corruption Han Ong nevertheless takes occasional snipe like Rizal at some of the rel. M as a General Douglas MacArthur look alike And when his father's will is read Caracera is stunned to discover that he has been left half a million dollars Unable to live with this burdensome inheritance he decides to give his money away But who among the millions of needy Filipinos is he to focus on Traversing high and low life societies rank and respectabl. I didn t find this enthralling Sometimes a novel is all the engrossing because of a lack of sympathetic characters Here however engrossing because of a lack of sympathetic characters Here however wasn t the case A great book I loved the writing the twisty contorted sentences that often arrive at a startling end I didn t see coming at the beginning and I found his take on postcolonialism and its toll on human lives hard hitting and absorbing This book comes close to being a masterpiece I m so glad I stumbled pon it Thank God it s over That is all The "PHILIPPINES WAS HIS HOME FOR THE "was his home for the 16 years of his life born to Chinese parents Then he and his family immigrated to the United States He went to high school there but dropped out only after a year Almost immediately thereafter this high school dropout began writing plays creating nearly 3 dozen works for the stage and he himself acted in several stage performances In 1997 at age 29 he became one of the youngest MacArthur Fellows Some call him a genius comparing him to William Shakespeare his lack of formal education not preventing him. Manila 2000 Forty four year old Roger Caracera returns to his birthplace after nearly three decades in the United States He has come to bury the corrupt charismatic head of the family sugar dynasty his estranged father Jesus To Caracera's chagrin and pleasure he is now viewed by his countrymen as the representative American; a local tabloid even refers to hi. Igious practices and beliefs of the Filipinos who are predominantly Roman Catholic Set in Manila in the 1990 s his cast of characters include both the super rich and the dirt poor of the Philippine society with a crazy woman too like Rizal s Sisa allowing Han Ong a delightful romp technically flawless and occasionally shocking the reader through flawless and occasionally shocking the reader through highs and lows of modern Filipino culture taking his readers to a tour of diverse places in Manila from the exclusive clubs for the rich to that cheap makeshift brothel where a teenage Filipino boy is made to dance naked before foreigners showing his ass for his finale with his male audience masturbating into small plastic containers the warm contents of which will "be poured one by one to the still immobile ass the cheeks stretched "poured one by one to the still immobile ass the cheeks stretched taut for maximum exposureA world class made in the Philippines writer It excites me to imagine what else he ll write if he comes back to the Philippines gets older and wears eyeglasses to get away from the curse of his cargador lookPareng Han taga. E and with a Cast Of Characters That of characters that a slum dwelling boy hustler a middle aged American pederast a rising Filipino tennis player a calculating society matron and a Peace Corps worker turned trophy wife The Disinherited is an incisive and illuminating exploration of the impulse to do good in the world and the paradoxical harm brought on by generosity.

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