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Brilliant comparison of Hitler s Germany and Stalin s USSR How such a fascinating topiccomparison could be made not boring but workmanlike is a mystery This is a good overviewreview but somehow the information stays on the page Overy may be a very good historian not my field but his research and analysis my field but his research and analysis solid but his writing is uite dry Disappointing Still reading this one seems to be a good comparison between the two and the modes of rising to power and leadership styles Really different from the military histories #That I Am Used #I am used reading I would definitely recommend itJust finished this one I know of no other book that I have read that has made me so glad not to have lived in Europe during this time The express intent of evil on both sides was astounding The writing of this book was exemplary and I really appreciated the author s ability to draw meaning out of a wealth of evidence to try to give a fascinating overall picture of these two dictatorships how they came into being what drove them why they did what they did what the reasons were Really a good book even though it took me about three months to finish it An excellent investigation of the similarities and differences of Hitler s Germany and Stalin s Russia Where Overy succeeds is in describing the relationships of the two dictators to their people He has successfully opened up a partial understanding of the uestion Why would Germans and Russians go along with this Instead of blaming ignorance misinformation and deceit Overy has explained the ideological constructs of the regimes This book pointed out in Overy s introduction is not a duel biography Instead the aims are a statistical and empirical examination of two of the most corrupt leaders under two of the most corrupt systems in the history of the world As a oung history teacher I have plans to use this book extensively An excellent addition to my early Book Collection 4 Stars collection 4 stars 600 pages in I found myself earning to see the last page Amazing otherwise I will try to add to this review at a later date but wanted to add some thoughts while it is still fresh in my mind This book was without uestion one of the best I have encountered on this time period and in particular on the uestions as to how the day to day operations of. If the past century will be remembered for its tragic pairing of civilized achievement and organized destruction at the heart of darkness may be found Hitler Stalin and the systems of domination they forged Their lethal regimes murdered millions and fought a massive deadly war Yet their dictatorships took. The Dictators Hitler's Germany Stalin's Russia

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The Stalin and Hitler dictatorships Functioned Overy With A Very Overy with a very task at hand does his best to provide elements of both objectivity and most importantly places ou into the mindset of the both the functionaries and heads of state Further he does a great service to those seeking to move past the mythology of the era by eclipsing stale falsehoods about both Hitler and Stalin in regards to their mentality throughout the war Utilizing many primary source documents he shows that Stalin far from shrinking in the face of an unexpected German invasion in many primary source documents he shows that Stalin far from shrinking in the face of an unexpected German invasion in was intricately involved in the days following and that many of the ideas espousing otherwise stem from Khrushchev s desire to solidify the Soviet apparatus during the 50s Further the way in which Overy separates the book allows the reader to to gain insight on both the political structure of Hitler and Stalin s rule while also understanding how the average citizen intersected with the dictatorship at the most routine levels of existence Obviously one cannot walk away untouched by the descriptions of utter horror while at the same time Overy helps ou grasp what life was like and how these two states operated for over a decade without any opposition whatsoever to the rulers at the head I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to understand how these States operated and looking to recommend it to anyone seeking to understand how these States operated and looking to past the simplistic representations of the time I m reading this slowly the data are almost overwhelming and et at the same time it is a page turner because real life is almost always stranger and perverse than fiction Here s a uote to make this concreteBefore 1941 and after 1945 the exiles were selected on political criteria as socially dangerous or anti Soviet elastic categories that stretched from the obvious nationalist politicians churchmen soldiers and merchants to the absurd philatelists and Esperanto speakers victims of the cosmopolitan character of their hobbyp 563This is my first book by Richard Overy but it won t be my lastOn my recent trip to Berlin I was reminded many times of details from this book Great read This is a great history book scratch that this is a great book periodBasically let s compare two systems that are combined called totalitarian and let s see what made them tickIt is filled with dat. Shape within formal constitutional structures and drew the support of the German and Russian people In the first major historical work to analyze the two dictatorships together in depth Richard Overy gives us an absorbing study of Hitler and Stalin ranging from their private and public selves their ascen.
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A and Overy really made this book with his presentation of historical factsIf ou are interested in the history of that period or just history in the general read this book Richard Overy s EXHAUSTIVE AND AT TIMES EXHAUSTING EXAMINATION OF THE HITLER and at times exhausting examination of the Hitler Stalin regimes follows Plutarch s ancient parallel lives model with an obvious hat tip to Allan Bullock s somewhat similar treatment Hitler and Stalin Parallel Lives though Overy states in his introduction that his treatment avoids the personal lives of the two Stalin Parallel Lives though Overy states in his introduction that his treatment avoids the personal lives of the two Since I haven t read Bullock s book I can t really comment on that comparisondistinction though I take Overy at his word Reading Overy there is obviously a wealth of regimes only material to consider And his obvious intent is to cover it all The book is structured in such a way that each chapter represents an aspect of the two regimes Amazingly there is very little overlap and with the exception of a few eye glazing chapters the book succeeds as an amazing achievement of organization and synthesis It also helps that Overy is an excellent writer The contents as is to be expected are depressing and numbing As I neared the end of the book I kept reflecting on the sheer scale of Murder that is represented in the book And Murder by the hundreds by the thousands is present in virtually every chapter The concluding chapter in this 2004 book with its final comparisons of these two cruel men the regimes they constructed and the largely compliant people that they led serves now in 2017 as than a cautionary note An interesting comparison between both dictatorships but at the same time uite exhausting with too much dwelling on small details and facts One of Overy s best books if only for managing to bust myths and provide a massive amount of important information without boring the reader or overtaxing their mind If ou want to learn the inner works of both Nazi Germany and Stalin s Russia this book is a must readI did find one chapter lacking the one I actually knew something about Overy has an impressive knowledge of the Gulag system but his knowledge of the German web of concentration camps ghettos and extermination camps is uite lacking Though I must hand it to Overy that this chapter in his book is a strong card against today s bizarre and rid. Ts to power and consolidation of absolute rule to their waging of massive war and creation of far flung empires of camps and prisons The Nazi extermination camps and the vast Soviet Gulag represent the two dictatorships in their most inhuman form Overy shows us the human and historical roots of these evil. ,

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