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This joint review was originally published t The Book PushersMeka I discovered Rebecca Rogers Maher s writings when I reviewed The Bridge After giving it high praise Software (The Body Electric Book 4) and feelings though the book had trounced Internet Marketing Essentials all over my emotions I could hardly wait to get my hands on Tanya I went in to this story with very high expectations Perhaps that was unfair of me but I can tlways help the way that I feel I wanted this story to wow me to emotionally lay me open the way that The Bridge did In some respects it succeeded but somewhere it fell flat for meMarlene I Internet Marketing Revealed also found Rebecca Rogers Maher through reviewing The Bridge In fact in the promo copy they used to get us to pick the book the review theyre uoting is mine Which is weird but Email Advertising Crash Course awesome The Bridge was heart rendingnd gut wrenching Curse of the Black Widow and kept my emotions set on puree longfter I finished it I was hoping for Sećanja a similar kind of book hangoverfter reading Tanya but instead I ended with of A Guide to A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah a meh reactionMeka The last line of the book dedication set the tone You see Im firmly entrenched in camp Nice Girl Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies and when the heroine isn t nice person it bugs me I don t expect them to be perfect paragons of virtue but I do have to believe that there is something redeemable Natural Stone in the Built Environment about them I don t even mind snit or being snippy these Internet Marketing for Smart People are human emotionsnd we Spanked in her Messy Diaper (An ABDL Tale) all have them I recognize it s not fair but I doubt I m changing in that either I didn t realize that Tanyand Jack were the siblings of Christa Tales From Underwood and Henry respectively This made it eually difficult for me to connect to Tanya because she is presenteds After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, anlcoholic in the previous book She couldn t help her sister when she needed it the most Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning and so there sll these preconceived ideas that I had concerning the kind of person that she was Digital Marketing In A Week and it bothered me lotMarlene Tanya s introduction in The Bridge made her out to be Le commerce des fourrures en occident a la fin du moyen-age (2 vol) an unrecoveringnd unrecoverable Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing alcoholic She thinks of herselfs Authority Affiliate Marketing a terrible personnd she Using Twitter For Business (Stuff Made Simple Book 4) acts like one She hasn t healed or forgiven herselfnd Anatomy of the Orchestra acts like dirtnd expects to be treated like dirt It s hard to sympathize with How to make Money with Porn a character who starts out hating herselfnd stays that way That she is turning her life round is overwhelmed by her constant ssertion that she kind of isn tMeka The book picks up The Wind on the Heath about six months where The Bridge ends Henrynd Christa Get Up and Do It! are getting marriednd it s two days before the wedding Tanya uses men for sex in order to cope with her own demons Repeat Performance and that is how she meets Jack She doesn t realize that he is Henry s brothert first Newsjacking and they have hookup in the hotel The next day she realizes that it s Jack The Baron Goes Fast (Baron, and the wind is knocked out of her sailsI really wanted to connect with Tanya I truly did I think that it is easier for me to connect with depressions that is something I deal with The Organic City and understands Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary a struggle I have lot of baggage involving the destructiveness of Affiliate Marketing Business alcoholismnd what that can do to Giving the Body Its Due a family It is clear that Tanya is trying to get her life back on track It slso very obvious that this is no walk in the park Hilla Rebay and theuthor does not hold back on the struggles that she s faced or is currently dealing with in her lifeMarlene Tanya was the weak point in the story for me too nd for some of the same reasons Although the uthor does Designing for Magazines an excellent job of portraying Tanya s struggle withlcoholism it felt like it was because she does The Wild Side an excellent job of portraying people in deep trouble whether it s depression cancer orlcoholism She s good False Start at getting inside her characters travailsnd making the reader feel how difficult things Are For That Character But for that character But couldn t get inside Tanya s head the way that I did with Henry Tombland and Christand that may be partly because it s easy to sympathize with Christa s plight His Plaything and I understood of Henry s struggle from the insideTanya does too much to punish herself longfter everyone else has stopped even wanting to punish herMeka I found it easier to get in to the head of Jack Henry s brother He s just returned from Cuckolded! Taken By My Husbands Bully a stint in the Peace Corpsnd is now trying to figure out what to do with his future He s done so much in his past but where does he fit in now He does not know but in Tanya he sees something that could spring open Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors and bloomTheir scenes together were charged with emotion but I couldn t help but feel little hollow Captain Tsubasa - Tome 29: La renaissance du duo en or ! as well It seemed they could only really connect in bed when what I wanted for them was to connect romanticallys wellMarlene I ve known Dream Fossil a few people who have served in the Peace Corpsnd it can be After We Collided (After, a very hard re entry Jack s temporary lack of direction made sense Admittedly some people probably don t ever figure out what happens nextfter Web Marketing For Dummies an experience like his but Jack s not there yet He needs to find new purpose in his life The Undesirables and part of that purpose turns out to be figuring Tanya outThere isn element of insta lust turning into insta love Online Marketing. awfully damn fast I couldn t see why Jack fell for Tanya unless helping her keep stable wasnother purpose There were moments when this story felt like Hard Cold Winter (Van Shaw, a tragedy plot bolted onton erotic story I didn t feel the loveMeka Unfortunately I was not convinced that Tanya Neko and Jack s happily for now was something that would stick Maybe I was supposed to feel that way Both of them had such tumultuous livesnd it felt Malice (Conspiracy 365, as though they were not given enough time to breach the maelstrom of emotionnd issues that stood between them I felt Lily (The Mauve Legacy, as though Jack was capable of doing that than Tanyand toward the end while she d made some progress I simply was not convinced that she could meet Jack halfway I felt s though her progression was the weakest part of the book for meI found myself invested in Henry nd Christa s progression than the main characters There were some moments when I got teary eyed such Progressive Consumption Taxation as when Jacknd Henry had Saint Paul, Apostle of Nations a good talknd Tanya s gesture toward her sister but it was not enough I wanted to know The Clothier Natural Jumping Method about how Henrynd Christa were doing what their struggles had been Two Bunnykins out to Tea and how they d managed While this was talkedbout somewhat in the story I wanted This made me sad because I felt Falling for Sakura as though I should be invested in Jacknd TanyaMarlene I loved seeing Henry Teach Me and Christagain Their story in The Bridge was intensely beautiful Monty and it is so sweet to see that their happy for now is getting longer now I only call their story happy for now because it s unfortunate but obvious that Christa s cancer means that they re living on borrowed timeTanya nd Jack s story seemed to be Coming Home (Chesapeake Diaries about the sex than the romance where Christand on borrowed timeTanya The Writers Handbook 1999 and Jack s story seemed to bebout the sex than the romance where Christa Rock Hounding out of Bishop and s story felt completely romantic Sad but very romantic Jacknd Tanya don t seem The Long-Legged Fly as solid together He s not just moving than halfway but he slso found Beneath the Surface (Reluctance, a purpose in his life Tanyalthough she makes positive progress The Service at the end still has so much negative self talk that she needs to work through You do have to love yourselft le. Tanya Enlightened (Red Flags, a recoveringlcoholic meets Jack Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks at roadside stop on the way to her sister’s wedding Hoping to drown her sorrows in the company of Cable Deadpool Vol. 1: If Looks Could Kill a stranger she brings him back to her motel room The next day shaken by the intensity of the Ast bit in order to be A Pucked Holiday Outtake (Pucked, able to really partner withnother person Tanya s still beating herself upMeka Rebecca Rogers Maher s writing is sharp Turn This World Inside Out and finely honed Her voice is refreshingly honest when it comes to difficult issuesnd tangled emotions She never skims the surface or writes Option Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez Course Book with DVD aboutn issue with Night Fury (Night Fury, anything less than blunt truthnd that can be Henry Fuckits Nursing Notes a tough pill to swallows Chemistry a reader Her writing is nuancednd she can keep me in the story so I wish the book would have worked better for me overallI give Tanya 3 Ideas That Can Change Your Life a CMarlene Theuthor does Tarihi Değiştiren Gizli Servisler a fantastic job of letting readers into the heartsnd lives of people who The Keeper of Lost Causes (Department Q, are facing intense problems She s greatt making you understand just how difficult struggle her characters re facing without turning everything into Total Abuse a downbeat However to make story work Smoke Across the Fell as romance it helps to understand why the couple would fall for each other خش خش تن برهنه ی تاک and Tanya wasn t there for meIlso give Tanya Complex PTSD a C Maher has knack for writing highly damaged characters nd yet somehow making me believe in their happy ending She should probably see bout bottling this talent she d be millionaire within minutesTanya is continuation of the uthor s earlier novella The Bridge It does stand lone fairly well but the past romantic couple is directly tied to this story featuring the past heroine s sister nd the past hero s brother For that reason I felt like they sometimes overshadowed this new romance And while I think Maher does n excellent job writing in shorter format with this particular story I found myself just flat out wanting of Tanya nd Jack Still it s very good story nd Maher is easily one of my favorite writers currently working today She writes challenging different stories that you might not necessarily be in love with but that you can t help ppreciate ll the same On my personal rating scale I gave this story B Seemed like long epilogue than its own story Last year I read The Bridge by Rebecca Rogers Maher very powerful novella bout two people who meet when they re on bridge ready to commit suicide As you can probably guess these two end up leaving this bridge nd falling in love In those short pages Maher really excelled t giving us very dark emotional love storyTanya takes place during the wedding of Henry nd Christa from The Bridge Tanya is Christa s sister recovering lcoholic who comes into town late one night for the weeding weekend celebrations nd heads straight to the bar to stare t the liuor Although she only drinks seltzer water she likes to punish herself with feeling guilty Growing up with drug dependent mother Tanya was raised by her sister nd lways feels like she is the selfish one When their mother became sick with ddiction Tanya turned to the bottle When she gets the phone call that their mother died of n overdose Tanya turns to the bottle It isn t until Christa is diagnosed with breast cancer that Tanya decided to get help But even two years later she feels like she isn t worthy to live life that will give her happiness So she turns to nonymous sex When he sat down cross from me ll six feet of him I figured shit it s my lucky day A good looking guy when I would have taken nything with pulse I m not choosy when I get like that Sometimes the dirtier they re the better It s the filth of it I m fter the vague sense of self punishment of eating something bad for me I like when they re mean or sexist or stupid I like taking what I want from these men nd then shoving them out the doorBut this guy His restlessness is what got to me the fact that he couldn t keep still I wanted to push him down onto bed nd force him to stop moving To lie there nd be good nd take itAnd he did He did thatJack is the hero s brother from The Bridge Jack has just returned from the Peace Corps in Guyana nd has no idea what to do with his life Growing up extremely privileged then working in very poor rea that past to do with his life Growing up extremely privileged then working in very poor rea that past years nd now thrust back into New York City Jack feels lost When Tanya makes eyes t him from cross the bar nd propositions him his legs re following her before he can even think straightJack may come cross s of the one in control of his life nd his self but Tanya kind of forces this side of Jack to the front that shocks even him But he is happy for it I flip her over to her back I feel her breath on my neck gasping She bites me nd I fall gainst her nd then move faster Give it to me I grab the back of her knees nd push going deeper Give it I have no idea where these words come from They re like nothing I ve ever heard myself say They rise up from some deep underground place in me that I m not even sure I want to knowThis book has some really good intense love scenes Just sayin I love this uthor s voice An erotic novella that uses sex to show the vulnerabilities these two re facing They both feel lost in life nd I think they both feel like they don t deserve to be happy They re so happy for their siblings who have gone through so much nd have found such love but they don t know how to embrace this feeling They speak through their physical ctions in the bedroom nd then we have very nice romantic endingWhat I think this uthor excels t in short setting is giving us very broken characters who re not magically healed because they fall in love setting is giving us very broken characters who re not magically healed because they fall in love will lways struggle with being n lcoholic It will take Jack time to find his purpose in life Christa nd Henry from The Bridge re still dealing with battling depression These characters have heavy issuesand they lso fall in loveVery much looking forward to nother book Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Book ReviewsSometimes it s just easier to be screwed up than llow yourself to try to be happy to try to be normal What Is Normal When is normal when whole life has been nything butTanya is the daughter of drug ddict who overdosed nd died She is the sister of two time cancer survivor Tanya is recovering lcoholic who uses meaningless sex with men s way to punish herself for not being better daughter nd sisterJack is privileged from wealthy yet distant family He has just spent the last two years in Guyana working for the Peace Corps He s the brother of clinically depressed man who lmost died in n explosion Jack is lost in world he no longer understands or feels he fits intoTanya is told in first person through the eyes of both Tanya nd Jack This is mesmerizing story of two siblings who feel guilty for the way they treated their siblings in the past They re both lost souls What is so wonderful bout this story is that these two have gone s low s they can go but re trying to better themselves Unfortunately they don t see how far they have come or the way those who love them see themTanya is story bout going to the dark side nd fighting your. Xperience Tanya joins her sister’s bridal party t n upscale mountain lodge There she meets the groom’s family for the first time including his brother Jack just home from the Peace Corps nd reeling from his night with the bold be. ,
Way back into the light It s bout realizing that what may be normal for other people isn t normal for you nd it s okay It s bout realizing that we ll make mistakes nd that we have to own them It s bout realizing that our past is our past nd it doesn t define who we re Tanya is bout realizing who you re nd discovering the person you want to beSource Author 45 stars Great read short nd sweet I somehow managed not to realize until I started it that it connected to Hurricane Lily The Bridge nd Fault Lines It was fun to revisit ll those couples I should have been diligent bout checking out RRM fter having so many feelings bout The Bridge back when I read it literally years go but while I was mooning through my Kindle looking restlessly for something to read on lockdown I discovered I d lso purchased TanyaThis is semi follow up The Bridge nd I would recommend reading The Bridge first because otherwise seeing Henry nd Christa preparing for wedding won t melt you to goo uite so effectively packing similar degree of intensity into similar slight page countTanya is bout well Tanya Christa s lcoholic sister who bandoned her midway through her first round of chemo nd Henry s brother Jack recently turned from doing something or other with the Peace Corps I will say it slightly weirded me out that this was romance between the siblings of each of the leads in the previous book like I can t imagine nything worse than one my sibling s dating my one of partner s siblings But it wasn t exactly intentional on the part of the ny of the character s Tanya nd Jack have n nonymous one night stand on the way to the wedding nd WHOOPS so I guess weird shit like that just happens sometimesAnyway Tanya is few years down the road to recover nd has recently supported through Christa nother round of chemo For people who The Bridge which ended with Christa nd Henry essentially committing not to die nd be together despite the fact he s still suicidally depressed nd her breast cancer has just come back CHRISTA IS OKAY CHRISTA IS OKAY I can t believe how much joy I felt over that even though I sort of believed it nyway t the end The Bridge Anyway Tanya is still self loathing wreck because she s substance buser because both see nd Christa have n intensely complicated relationship with their damaged now deceased mother nd because she ran out on Christa the first time round Part of her coping strategy is selfish rough very satisfying sex with men she doesn t have to care boutAlthough naturally this plan rather goes out the window when she meets last night s selfish rough very satisfying sex partner gain t the wedding I feel the book packs lot in forgiveness self forgiveness redemption hope choice despite the length but much like The Bridge it has faintly ephemeral uality These re moments in people s lives It s not full story It s nothing like full story But it s enough to let you care for them nd hope for them nd believe in better future for ll of them I really do love that nd it s such uniue nd powerful talent this capacity RRM has to tell you everything you need in collection of careful scenes nd delicate gapsAlso what happened to her Why isn t she writing ny She s so ridiculously brilliantI dored Tanya she s messy complicated heroine who has done some ugly things nd fears her own ugliness There s lso n edge of femdom to her sexual interactions with Jack which was unexpected nd really rather delightful I didn t uite warm to Jack like I did to Tanya lthough it s interesting to see how the same set of circumstances shaped both him nd Henry I suppose in the same way the same set of circumstances shaped Christa nd Tanya But whereas both Christa nd Henry felt fully realised in The Bridge Jack seemed to exist to be the sort and Henry felt fully realised in The Bridge Jack seemed to exist to be the sort man Tanya might needWhich y know That s cool Tanya does indeed deserve good man who gets her I know you have story you re telling yourself bout this weekend Tanya That you screwed It Up That You up that you everything up But what if it s different story What if it s just two people who met under strange circumstances but who like each other She shakes her head utomatically I told you I m not the kind of woman who What is it that you think I want exactly Someone to look pretty nd clean my socks It s the twenty first century You don t have to be nice You can be smart nd funny nd sexy s hell nd believe me that will be than enough Indeed I think it s fairly easy to give character disorderillness to explain their ctions nd create drama whether it be depression substance buse PTSD etc I think it s much harder to pay the subject matter the proper respect nd weave believable romance into the mix This is pet peeve of mine nd Rebecca Rogers Maher never lets me downIn Tanya Rogers Maher crafts gorgeous unflinching story of recovery guilt nd redemption that never takes the easy way out but lso never drowns in sea unnecessary ngst I m lways floored when I pick up her books expecting depressing tale but instead find realistic flawed yet inspiring characters nd story that leaves me filled with joy nd hope I feel like I learn things reading her books How to live life fully how to ppreciate the things nd people I have in my lifeI can t say bout Tanya that isn t lready in the summary other than read it Read everything she writes You won t be disappointed My friend Andrea wrote detailed review if you would like to check it outWe first hear bout both Tanya nd Jack s the siblings of the troubled Christa nd Henry in The Bridge While you don t Need To Have Read That to have read that first it will increase your enjoyment of Tanya immensely leave you weeping with joy t the end It s beautiful to see how Tanya nd Jack who ren t portrayed in the most flattering light in The Bridge come full circle both s couple nd s family unit There is lso cameo with character from Fault Lines Again it s not necessary to have read it first but it s nice to catch up nd revisit old favorites You can read my review of The Bridge here It was on my Top Reads list for 2013Rebecca Rogers Maher has lot of great posts on her blog this week s part of the TANYA Blog Tour Right Here t Home bout realistic romance explicit sex scenes recovery happy endings nd If you re not sure bout picking up this book yet I encourage you to check it outReview originally posted on For What It s Worth on 5114 VERY good I really loved the writing too so I ll b one clicking ll of the uthor s books Dark nd gritty just how I like my books except the speech t the end Blah I can never readwatch those I would love to read full length novel from Maher Not breezy easy light hearted read A bit dark twisted nd ngsty But its original nd interesting. Autiful woman he thought he’d never see gainBoth t crossroads in their lives Tanya nd Jack collide for one explosive weekend Will they choose the safety of past regrets or will they be brave enough to embrace the present together. ,