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Finally Yes Finished80 pages that took me than 2 weeks to read That s insaneOkay rant aside the book was good Illustrations are superb but the text felt lacking and a bit rushed This children s illustrated book has won several awards so I was

intrigued to see 
to see it would be something my nieces and nephews would be interested in This is a large format book with very few pages so is a uick read The art is fun and the way the author creates collections of stuff is interesting but I did not learn anything new here and some of the art and text is so tiny you d need a magnifying glass to really see it The text was rather bland though maybe it would work for younger readers in which case it would make a good introduction to Shackleton s adventure I expected to find a book that would leave little readers inspired to explore but that is not the feeling I was left with after reading this one This is a wonderful book showing the epic journey of how Ernest Shackleton and his team managed to cross the frozen heart of Antarctica Winner of the AOI Illustration New Talent Award Winner and a New York Times Best Illustrated Book #this is something a little special and will appeal to slightly older children 7 would #is something a little special and will appeal to slightly older children 7 would my suggestion especially those interested in non fiction This is a very visual read there is only a small amount of text compared to the illustrations sometimes only a paragraph or two on each page so it is ideal for reluctant readers The illustrations help the reader visualise the shee. Illustrator William Grill weaves a detailed visual narrative of Shackleton’s journey to AntarcticaGrill’s beautiful use of colored pencils and vibrant hues effortlessly evokes the adventure and. .
R to eep the crew from despairing Very early on in #the book just after Funding and Recruitment Grill introduces readers to the crew of ship and on the next page #book just after Funding and Recruitment Grill introduces to the crew of the ship and on the next page dogs which I hope to read about Here is a text excerpt In 1914 a cargo of 99 dogs was sent from Canada to London Of these 69 were chosen for the expedition Shackleton and the crew gave them all names and you may notice that some are named after famous people and crew members The dogs came from a named after famous people and crew members The dogs came from a mixture of breeds including Newfoundlands St Bernards Eskimo dogs Wolfhounds and wolves Cross breeding the dogs mean that they were very strong and had ualities such as a thick coat or a good temperament The average weight of each dog was 100 lbs They included Alti Amundsen Blackie Bob Bo sun Bristol Brownie Buller Bummer Caruso Chips Dismal Elliott Fluff Gruss Hackenschmidt Hercules Jamie Jasper Jerry Judge Luke Lupoid Mack Martin Mercury Noel Paddy Peter Rodger Roy Rufus Rugby Sadie Sailor Saint Sally Sammy Samson Sandy Satan Solider Songster Sooty Spider Split Up Spotty Steamer Steward Stumps Sub Sue Surly Swanker Sweep Tim Upton Wallaby WolfThere is a lot of great interesting details in this book and I appreciate the way illustrations vary from technical in nature for example a full page analysis of the ship to dramatically narrative to naturally descriptive to some combination of two or of these I m very glad I got this one out of the library and look forward to reading The Wolves of Currumpaw by the same author. Peculiar provisions and the individual drawings of each sled dog and packhorse This book takes the academic and historical information behind the expedition and reinterprets it for a young audience.
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R expanse of snow and ice as well as the euipment needed The book begins with a potted history of who Shackleton was As a member of Captain Scott s famous Discovery expedition 1901 1904 he was always drawn to the unexplored parts of the world However once Amundsen reached the South Pole ahead of Scott he felt that the only challenge left was a crossing of the Antarctic continent from sea to sea and via the Pole This is the story of how Shackleton and #his crew set out in 1914 to make that expedition There are #crew set out in 1914 to make that EXPEDITION THERE ARE OF EVERYTHING IN There are of everything in book from every member of the crew all the dogs the ship Endurance all the euipment maps and a thrilling explanation of everything that happened If your child has any interest in exploring factual books or just beautifully illustrated reads then this has much to explore within its pages A lovely edition to any child s bookshelf This is a big beautiful 70 page non fiction seuential art plus text exploration of Shackleton s unsuccessful journey of 1916 17 The ship was called Endurance and it endured a lot but at a certain point the ice flexed its muscles and that was that The men however endured and this book details their adventureWhile this book seems great for middle graders and maybe even younger the text is very small and might be hard for younger ids to read and there is something sophisticated and intense about the organization and illustration The book does its best on the other hand to remain light hearted in the way the leaders did in orde. Excitement that surrounded the expedition His impeccably researched drawings rich with detail fastidiously reproduce the minutiae of the expeditionChildren will love examining the diagrams of the. Shackletons Journey

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