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Tark things Nikki Stark Men fuck up you know Except for Damien she adds with a completely straight face He s perfectly perfect moving things sad things but especially my favorite SEXY SCENES This series is just soooo effing erotic Phew There are so many amazingly erotic scenes in this book some people might think it s too much but pfffff soooo not too much I loved every single second of every single sexy part of this storyand of course the book is not all sex it s an amazing story about secrets and family and pasts and futures and love and hate and forgivenessThis new series in the Stark world is another amazing piece of work by Julie Kenneryou sooo need to read it On my knees was an extremely erotic and moving exciting romance About secrets about the past the future about family friends about having and giving up control about love hate forgiveness and even if the story wouldn t be interesting at all you still on t want to miss reading it you ll sooo fall in love with Jackson Steele too Now please hurry with book 3 I NEEEEED to know how Jackson Sylvia s story will end Title On My KneesSeries Stark International Trilogy 2Author J KennerRelease ate June 23 2015Cliffhanger YesHEAview spoilerNot yet hide spoiler image error Book two of the Stark International Series continues the journey of Jackson and Sylvia We learned uite a bit about the secrets that Sylvia was keeping and what ultimately led her to run from Jackson all those years ago but what we haven t even scratched the surface of what Jackson is hiding until nowI have to admit I nearly idn t finish this one It wasn t the writing because J Kenner can write But I just felt like it was a struggle to be interested in the whole story Part of me felt like this was just stretched too far that their story might not really contain enough to reuire a three book series I St. Solifer with Other Worthies and Unworthies did skim through most of the sex scenes to try to get to a part of the story that would grip me and hold my attention Iid push through and although I Passing the Police Recruit Assessment Process did not love this story Iid enjoy it I have a feeling the third book is going to bring to light a lot of outside interference and the ending of book two certainly left me excited for the third in the trilogy But typically book two of a trilogy ends up being my favorite so this left me a little confused since the climatic moments that I needed this book to have just had one that occurred at the very last pageI am hopeful that the final in this series will bring everything full circle and revive my feelings a bit for Jackson Sylvia s story Intimacy s not a key you know You Illicit Desires (Illicit, don t just get close to someone and expect that to open aoor and everything comes tumbling out like an overstuffed closet NikkiOn My Knees begins irectly after the conclusion of the first book in the series My Name Although Say Name ended with a happy for now there were many secrets and uestions left to be iscovered It is a relief for Sylvia and Jackson to have time to establish their relationship however now they are bracing themselves together to weather the storm But one uestion remains will they survive when all of the secrets begin to unfoldSometimes families have secrets Regarding our heroGod help begin to unfoldSometimes families have secrets Regarding our heroGod help I want it all And I have no idea if I can even come close to getting or keeping any of it JacksonJackson finally has Sylvia And yet he has so many secrets that could Foxmask (Saga of the Light Isles, damage their relationship Because of his love for Sylvia Jackson reveals his relationship to Damien Obviously this revelation shifts everything between all of the characters We finally begin to see the heartbreak that exists in himue to his past Suddenly we understand why he is the man he is Regardless of the compassion I felt for Jackson he still harbors some And His Letters Grew Colder deep secrets Specifically a secret regarding a red headed femaleBut still the uestion lingers And yes my heart aches a bit Because though Ion t understand why I am certain that he is keeping things from me Secrets Big ones big enough at least to eat him up inside SylviaRegarding our heroineSylvia still fears her secrets will get out As they begin to unravel she seeks solace in Jackson She is striving to perform a Emasculating Her Husband delicate balance between keeping her professional career on track and maintaining self control through the mayhem around her The root of her secrets areamaging then we could have ever imaginedIf I need you Sylvia I always need you JacksonTogether Sylvia and Jackson continues to flourish The roadblocks along the way cause a great Three Short Ballbusting Stories deal of advanceretreat between the two The one thing that seems to keep these two fused together is their steamy sexual chemistry Regarding this read this was a home run for readers that prefer a little slice ofark and sexy with their romance storiesThey could find their Honeys Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs demons together Yin and yang Control and submission D wonderfully written This trilogy is just getting better and better as we learn about Sylvia’s resiliency and Jackson’s caring side Readers willevour this book and be waiting on pins and needles to find out how it all ends in the upcoming finale” Harleuin Junkie  “J Kenner is on my automatic purchase list and with very good reason This book sizzles with both sensuality and a complex plotline Pick up a copy of On My Knees as soon as possible” Plot Twist Reviews  “Fans of J Kenner you know that where there’s a really engaging story line there’s eually engaging heat and passion There’s no shortage of that here It’s powerful it’s sexy it’s The Secret Expedition downright naughty at times and it’s hot” Diary of an Eager Reader  “A great read for any contemporary romance readers who like their plots with a side of steam and a big helping of secrets and suspense If you enjoyed Damien and Nikki’s story you willefinitely be a fan of this series” Reads All the Books From the Trade Paperback edition. ,
On My KneesStark International Trilogy #2Originally posted on The Book NymphoThere s a LOT happening in this second book of the trilogy Just one surprise after another so much that this one was hard to turn off Jackson and Sylvia face many challenges learning to work together personally and professionally One of the biggest issues in this story is trust While Sylvia and Jackson have resumed their relationship there s still uite a bit to Real-Life BPMN discover about each other Both have some serious explosive secrets and figuring out the right time to share them with each other is awfully tricky Fortunately we re included in each character s reasoning as he or she worked through them However I came into this a bit wary of Jackson You ll have to read the story to best understand where that comes fromAbby Craden continues toeliver a strong performance though I continue to feel parts are overly A Collection of Previously Banned Victorian Erotica, DELUXE EDITION dramatic In herefense they seem to be The Obvious dictated by the script and when applying voice to the words they re just amplified I m continuing to enjoy the series yes I m surprised and this one ends in a cliffhanger The good news is that a 20 minute clip of the next book is included to ease the angst It worked Stay tuned and I m looking forward to listening to the last book in the trilogyI received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review 35 stars On My Knees took off from where we were left at the end of book one Say My NameI read it in one sitting and even though I liked the first one I really enjoyed On My Knees tooWhat I like the most about this series is that Jackson and Sylvia have a mature relationship theyon t play games and they on t hide secrets from each otherI also like that they help each other when they re having a tough ay or period Sylvia and Jackson have an intense sexual relationship so the sex scenes in this book were really hot and sexyOverall it was a nice read and I m looking forward to the third book I m curious to see how it will end DNF at 17% Just not feeling this book I m beginning to think books that extend to trilogies and beyond aren t my cuppa I lose interest and connection to the characters I just wasn t feeling this story on this go around As a side note why is it in these erotic books Red Shines The Sun do when anything is a major stress the charactersrop literally everything and have sex I mean you Generation d think serious job stress or family stress would take away libido but they go at it like bunnies Things like thatistract me from the story I guess Or maybe I m growing a bit tired of cliche erotica books Dunno What I DO expect is when a big plot event occurs for said plot to be addressed and NOT ignored for yet another sex scene to AVOID ealing with problems or conflicts I m REALLY not a prude just a reader that s come to expect story than just smut in order for me to really enjoy a book Don t take my word for it here I uit early and you may love this especially if you like nothing but sexSincerely An Apparent Prude Moving on 4 What Would You Do For Love Stars for the story and the narration If you love your romantic suspense titles with a little bit of an edgier alpha om flavor then the an edgier alpha Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girls Heart dom flavor then the International spin off series from the Stark Series by J Kenner might just be right up your alley On My Knees is the second book in this seuentialchronological series that reuires that you read or listen to Say My Name first to completely understand the suspense filled background as well as the love story of Jackson Steele and Sylvia Brooks Moreover On My Knees ends in a big cliffhanger so to hear the whole story you will need to commit to listening to Under My Skin the third and final book in the series Fortunately however Under My Skin released earlier this week so the whole trilogy is now availableOn My Knees picks up where Say My Name ends Both Jackson and Sylvia haveeep ark secrets The revelation and residual effects of those secrets will collide and bring forth one heart wrenching uandary in On My Knees It will be impossible for both Jackson and Sylvia to be able to keep their secrets hidden from others and they will be forced to pick the public revelation of one person s past their secrets hidden from others and they will be forced to pick the public revelation of one person s past the other Can Jackson and Sylvia possibly weather this storm that has them irectly pinned against one another Moreover will they both be able to cope with the loss of control that such a The Heart of Cool dark situation will undoubtedly unleash Previously having learned to cope with their control issues by reveling in each other sominance and submission will they be able to continue *that trust ependent relationship under their new reality Abby Craden returns as the *trust ependent relationship under their new reality Abby Craden returns as the to render another above average performance in On My Knees What I love the most about Abby Craden as a narrator is her undeniably sexy voice Her portrayals add an extra sense of heat which is particularly fitting in an eroticall. NATIONAL BESTSELLERJackson Steele and Sylvia Brooks continue to thrill in the second novel of a scintillating emotionally charged trilogy that returns to the world of J Kenner’s beloved Stark novels Release Me Claim Me and Complete Me   I never thought I’d lose control but his A Game of Unchance desire took me right to the edge   Powerful ambitious andevastatingly sexy Jackson Steele was unlike any other man I’d ever known He went after what he wanted with his whole mind body and soul and I was the woman in his sights One touch and I surrendered one night together and I was undone   Jackson and I had secrets The Undead: Organ Harvesting, the Ice-Water Test, Beating Heart Cadavers--How Medicine Is Blurring the Line Between Life and Death - Kindle edition by Dick Teresi. Politics Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ dark pieces of our pasts that threatened to swallow us both We couldn’t outrun ouremons or the people trying to tear us apart But in our passion we found salvation and in each other’s arms we found release   I was scared to trust Jackson fully to finally let go Yet no matter the angers that lay ahead I knew I was his and now that we’ve laid claim there’s no holding back   On My Knees is intended for.

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Y charged series like the Stark International Series Moreover the continuity of keeping Ms Craden as the narrator of this series lends a sense of familiarity as she continues the prior voices that I have already associated with this cast Varying her pitch for Sylvia s ialogue to a slightly higher pitch so that she is easily The Way of Wizardry (Dragon Warriors RPG distinguishable from Jackson Ms Craden alsoelivers satisfyingly The Bellringers Bedside Companion distinguishableialogues so that it is easy to know who is talking without having to relay on 50 Years of Documenta 1955-2005 dialogue tags I also enjoyed the breathless uality that Ms Craden lends Sylvia in the numerous bedroom scenes Perhaps my only observation which is the same observation I had in Say My Name is that as part of this effect at times theialogue was Make Ink: A Foragers Guide to Natural Inkmaking delivered in a somewhat slow fashion While this had theesired effect of heightening the feel of the erotic scenes it also prolonged the listen somewhat All in all I enjoyed On My Knees Both the writing and the narration kept me engaged and wanting The one thing I will say is that this book has some scorching hot scenes so you will want to listen to this one in private Now I can t wait to see how the cliffhanger is resolved in Under My SkinSource Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review The second book in the Jackson Steele trilogy a spinoff from the Stark International Trilogy with Damien Stark held me captivated until the very last page A Clandestino: In Search of Manu Chao deliriously happy 45 stars is what I give to this novel There were a few minor things that I found myself not liking but you can t win everything right I have to say Io like J Kenner s overall writing style and she Thin Air (Jessica Shaw, didn tisappoint This story A Fine Mouse Band digseeper into both Sylvie and Jackson their relationship together and their lives without each other Jackson has secrets but then so The Vanishing Hours does Sylvia The two struggle to stay afloat with one another as the seas get rough when parts of their pasts come barreling into their present They have their first real fight which almost breaks them wrenches are thrown into the hotel project and much which swirls around to keep the reader guessing where the cards will land This book only solidified my love for Jackson and I still say he s a better character than Damien Stark Jackson isn t too proud to beg to apologize and to really try to be all that Sylvie needs He s aominant man but Horse Sense doesn t let that override his sense of self and love for Sylvie Jackson Steele is a complex sinful and sensual man who realizes love and family is important enough to fight for and even take hits for Sylvie continues to unravel in this book and I m glad so we can finally get her Her strained relationship with her parents comes to light in a very uncomfortable position Sylvie musteal with Jackson s secrets her own and the outside world threatening to rip them both apart While Sylvie tends to bite her tongue and can appear weak "I find she has an inner strength and I love that You on *t have to be this rocker chick "find she has an inner strength and I love that You on *t have to be this rocker chick some overtly bad *have to be this rocker chick or some overtly bad chick to have strength and this is what Sylvie shows I am so pumped for the next book and can t wait to see how all of this comes together Jackson Steele owns a portion of my soul much like the incredible Gideon Cross Sylvia Day s Crossfire Series I liked Sylvie in the first book but in this book I went from mild like to true like which is great for me In case you The Making of Goldeneye didn t know I freaking adore Jackson Steele That is all Alright finally back with Jackson Sylvia At the end of the first book Jackson had just been arrested because he beat up this horrible Reed person The guy who wants to make the movie about that house its family in Santa Fe but importantly the guy who sexually molested Sylvia when she was a teenagerAnd added to all thatrama of course is the whole Damien is my half brother thing that Jackson just told SylviaAnd we re pretty sure that Damien won t welcome any son of Jeremiah Stark with open armsWill they tell Damien Because this could probably cost Jackson his island resort jobThen there s still Jackson s need to go underground fighting whenever something bad happens and Sylvia s need to have control about all things or will she be able to give up some of her hard won control in some very private areas Lots of problems and secrets still to survive until Sylvia Jackson can have their happy ever afterWhat will happen to Sylvia Jackson Will there be a HEA Will everybody Women of the Otherworld Series Collection (Women of the Otherworld, die at the end Or will there be a horrible CliffhangerI M NOT TELLING YOU THAT OF COURSE lon t want to spoil anything OK yessss this time we have a tiny little aka huge Cliffy JACKSON STEELE IS BACK I loooved the first book so much and this seuel Scooby-Doo! and the Farmyard Fright did notisappoint for one secondWe pick up right where Say My Name ended and we re not nearly at our HEALots of very exciting things happen frustrating things suspensy things funny things Damien Mature audiencesPraise for On My Knees   “Kenner brings sizzling heat and high pitched emotional tension to this second installment of her Stark International trilogy with a taut plotline and plenty of searing interludes” RT Book Reviews   “Kenner once again grabs a hold of your thoughts and shakes the feels out of you Secrets abound Truths are exposed Vulnerabilities are laid bare Basically I’m floating in an ocean of Jackson Steele paradise On My Knees keeps you on the edge of pleasure and captures your interest with the threat of exposure” Obsessed with Myshelf  “The heat uotient is very high with Jackson and Sylvia burning up the pages This is something I’ve come to expect from J Kenner and she never Vee for Victory disappoints If you’re looking for a very hot sexy read with a suspenseful storyline that keeps you guessing to the last page On My Knees isefinitely one to give a try” Cocktails and Books  “Hot Running the gamut from fast and wild to slow and tender the love scenes were intense an.

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