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Use Angel gives Micah that Angel is the only one to sacrifice himself aka the martyr for a reason that didn t deserve it And if maybe that angle was delved into deeper instead of causally swept up in two sentences when Angel runs into his HEA and tries to throw it back on the very same reason he said couldn t do it in the first place I m talking in circles just because I m trying hard to not give away the twists and surprisesThe self sacrifice might work for some but I couldn t buy it in Angel His background wasn t explored enough for me to see why he would even waste his time Selling himself affected him deeply so shouldn t the cause do exactly that as wellBut I liked AngelAiden I wanted to nock his head and Micah s too a few times They could be hardheaded and frustrating but solid story is solid There s a blackmail angle I liked but I would have wished the resolution would have went further I didn t care for the best friend I wouldn t want to hang out with her I ind of felt sorry for Micah And Micah s family were like the perfect nuclear family I can t buy no one not having the slightest problem with their son dating a prostitute Thank goodness this is fiction huhEvery time reality got a little hazy Micah would do something that made me smile or I d get a sweet line like this you deserve love fresh and pure like the first one and I can t give it to you All I can give you is messy and complicated I m scratched and dented and covered in scars and so is my love But it is there Because when it needed to be romantic this definitely played it upA sweet slow romantic story between twenty somethings both loners who needed love and found each other in an unconventional manner It just took them some time to realize it Ends with a HEA I d read from this author again I grabbed this book sample from the zon because a bookie friend of mine that is a book reading friend not a legit bookie wrote such an amazing review I wanted to check it out for myself After devouring the sample I was so intrigued that I bought the book so I could continue reading the storyI am so impressed that this is Author Kate Fierro s debut novel Love Starved has a rock solid story line with well developed main characters and secondary characters I really fell for both guys hook line and sinker The I read the harder I fellSweet Micah is a successful young man with his own business and he s been screwed by Cupid Only ever having had one boyfriend he feels like a real relationship is just not in the cards for him His past relationship tainted the way he viewed himself and his ability to have a sexual relationship His best friend Daphne always tries to get him out in the dating world to no avail so one day she passes along a card for a male escort that she is acuainted with And one lonely night when Micah is feeling some liuid courage he messages the escort Angel To his surprise the escort messages him right back and they proceed with making arrangements for Micah s perfect date It sounds weird I now Why with making arrangements for Micah s perfect date It sounds weird I On My Knees (Stark International Trilogy, know Why a young successful likeable man like Micah need to pay for a date Well why not All he wants is one night where his fantasies can come true One night where Micah s faith in himself and in romance can be restored So he can feel normal And loved And confidentAnd so enters Angel He s amazing He s handsome and charming and confident all of the things that Micah is seeking He takes Micah out for an amazing date and they have a wonderful time Micah enjoyed himself with Angel so much that he ends up contacting him and paying him several times for datesHowever as time goes on we get a sense that not everything is copacetic in Angel s life The time they spend together the attracted Micah becomes to Angel and the harder Angel tries to maintain a barrier between being professional and being personal with MicahI don t want to give away the plot line suffice it to say that there are some unexpected twists and turns along the way to the HEA that these boys deserve in the end It becomes a bit of a tangled web as we find out what Angel s back story is and what he is dealing with I felt as if I was on the proverbial emotional roller coaster with this book feeling so giddy and high reading about Micah and Angel s emerging relationship to crashing to sadness over some of Angel s personal convictions which led to the boys separationI really enjoyed this story and fell in love with these two extremely engaging and likeable characters as they traversed along the path to their Happily Ever After I look forward to reading by new Author Kate Fierro If you are looking for a fun romantic story with a uniue plot and a happy ending this is the book for youFor details see My review will be shortThis book made me feel like crap It was utterly depressing and angsty If you go for thatind of shit this is the book for youThe writing was very good and it has a slow burn I ind of liked but also hated because this book felt loooooooooooongAnd I REALLY REALLY disliked the fact that AngelAiden serviced Micah s best friend and her husband before Micah and Angel metAnd now I m off to read something that will make me happy It s either that or I ll start with the drinking It s not a secret it was absolutely a cover buy I didn t now anything about this s not a secret it was absolutely a cover buy I didn t now anything about this except that it s gay and that the cover is gorgeous It turned out it is an underrated gem too The characters are precious have a healthy realationship and a best friends dynamic which is chef s iss In a few scenes Aiden actually reminded me of Henry from RWRB who reminds me of myself so it was a ride The writing style is one of my faves since it s uite simple yet so emotional and I really would like to read something else from this author so please Kate Fierro publish something. Weakness finds him with a contact to a high class escort specializing in fulfilling fantasies Micah asks for only one thing Show me what it’s like to feel lov.

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Love StarvedI didn t have high hopes based on the cover and title but this was really good It was sweet romantic as hell and a little gritty A nice slow burn too which I appreciate 45 stars This was unexpected and I loved itThis could have been an ordinary story or well fantasy about a guy falling in love with an escort Pretty Woman ish But the author created something that was so much Love Story is told from Micah s perspective Micah hasn t dated for years He had one boyfriend in college but it was a hugely disappointing experience his boyfriend was a complete jerk that he gave up on love and focused his time on building a successful career in IT security One night when drunk he contacts Angel an escort and hires him Not for sex but rather to show him what it s like to be lovedWhat follows is not what you d expect at all They have their one date which snowballs into a few but Micah and Angel s relationship progresses in a very unusual way They somehow become friends before they truly become anything else and there are a few hurdles they need to cross along the way There were some teary moments a few unexpectedly thrilling moments and yes some steamy moments I don t want to give anything anyway so I ll say no Just The Hate U Give know that it was a beautiful journey Thanks wesley for the recommendation and the fantastic review that tempted me to read this This story of a uiet once bitten twice shy man and a rent boy does several things right First I really appreciated that Angel did not uickly give up prostitution and become monogamous after meeting Micah A guy who s turning tricks generally has strong motivation to do so money power threats to get back at someone That doesn t change on a dime And I also liked that Micah didn t ask him to The author let them develop a relationship slowly in fits and starts so that progress and setbacks were believable Angel s ability and eagerness toeep his sex persona and real life separate were well portrayedI liked the guys together and appreciated that the emphasis wasn t usually on the sex but on the other parts of their relationship Both men were appealing and the mystery of Angel whom we see only through Micah s point of view was revealed at a plausible and intriguing paceThe secondary characters were good for moving the plot although I was glad of Micah s mother to balance out the flamboyance of his best friend and sister All the women were rather excitable but since Micah s reluctance to stand up to their curiosity was part of what drove the initial story it wasn t a problem for meWhere I took off a star was in the tendency for things to be a bit too black and white Brian Micah s ex boyfriend had to be a negative character to motivate Micah s subseuent self isolation But did he have to have been bad at sex and never romantic and uninterested in Micah s job and demanding and disliking everything Micah liked and the one who cheated and the one who broke up with him and and and It got to where each new revelation of Brian had never done this right became less a reason for sympathy
"and a moment "
a moment wondering Why did you ever stay with him It would have been a interesting and plausible book if Brian had occasionally done something better than Angel didThe antagonist was also so vile that it took away a little of the suspense and warrants tags for abuse Major spoiler view spoilerIf Angel had been blackmailed by someone who wasn t violent and totally reprehensible then what As it was they got Angel extricated from his grip but he was so awful that I really wanted them to have discussions and some angst about how to bring him down anyway safely to protect the next young rent boy he might get his Hands On I Was A Bit Disappointed on I was a bit disappointed where they left it hide spoiler I had a seriously bad reading streak this week so I thought I had finally gone insane when I decided to end the week with a new author s debut novel But boy was I glad I took a chance because Kate Fierro just wiped out my bad reading week with this bookAnd I think this is what Love Starved is all about taking chances Taking a leap of faith It tells the story of Micah who has given up his dream of a happily ever after years ago after still having hang ups from his his dream of a happily ever after years ago after still having hang ups from his relationship He had this perfect fantasy of a great love having seen it with his parents and with his sister Claudia and her steady relationship with a high school sweetheart Love the ultimate happiness as depicted in a thousand movies in books in every other song on the radio He d soaked it up like a sponge growing up letting it shape him even when he d already nown that in his case love would never be as it was portrayed in the mass media he was waiting for Prince Charming rather than looking for a beautiful princess Even then love was the goal the life changing gift Micah thought he had it from his relationship with his ex boyfriend Turned out his ex boyfriend was a first grade asshole so his illusion of true love shattered He eventually resigned himself to live a life alone thinking there is no such thing but that changed after giving in to an impulsive drunken decision one night of hiring an escort to fulfill his romantic fantasy just once making him feel what it s like to be cherished to feel lovedFrom here on you may think Yeah yeah We get it They both fall in love after that right For one thing you are right They do fall in love but it doesn t happen uick and fast What makes me love this is how the author played with the relationship arc after Micah and Angel s or Aiden s first meet It s a love story that slowly burns and lets you examine these characters in detail and allows you to see their dimensions along with their many imperfections and vulnerabilities This isn t a shallow story of a client falling in love wit. Micah Geller considers himself lucky at 27 he has money than he needs a job he loves a debut book coming out and a brilliant career in information security befor. H a prostitute This barely even had an erotic aspect to it This is a story of friendship of healing and of rebirthI just love these characters which emanate genuineness because then I can empathize and connect well with them I am warmed by Micah s and Aiden s vulnerabilities Their struggles to get to where they stood in the end felt all real to me and their easy camaraderie felt naturalI liked the roller coaster ride of emotions that I got to experience as the author maneuvered with the plot It wasn t too angst y but it wasn t also light A lot of unexpected twists I must say but the author took great care in laying these down for her readers It s a remarkably well written story that you just can t help but be engrossed in the author s world and get hooked with these beautiful characters main and secondary alike I even slowed down in the last 2 chapters because I seriously didn t want it to end It s a sweet romantic story and I would gladly read it again in the future Congratulations on your debut Kate Love Starved by Kate Fierro is her debut novel and she nocked it out of the park I only had a vague idea of what the story was about when I sat down to read By the first chapter I was already hooked It had that feel to it that sometimes you are lucky enough to get early in a story that says This is going to be good And was it everMicah is 27 and trying to ge 35 starsNOTE This review is all over the placeOverall this was a nice story with an interesting take on the client falls for the prostitute themeMicah really is love starved He craves human touch and loving feelings And this what he asks from Angel the escort Not necessarily sex just to feel loved Actually there isn t too much steam in the story but the existing sex scenes are very intenseI particularly liked the way Micah and Angel s relationship progressed For the most part of the book they re friends Sometimes with benefits yes but it was wonderful to see them falling in love with each other Micah at least since we didn t have Angel s POVTBH I missed that POV It always seemed that Micah was giving too much all the time I wanted Angel to show emotion or at least explain why he sometimes behaved that wayNow the big issue that led me to round down The reason that Angel became an escort in the first place I didn t buy it Nope no way view spoiler Angel becomes an escort because he wants to help his family The same family that didn t even acknowledge his existence while growing up and was never close with The family that was pretty well off before their company bankrupted And he had two siblings that just didn t care to help This is why he endures abuse blackmailing and a life that makes him feel tainted and broken Come onthe martyr storyline is always a shaky one but here it was too far fetc A Hearts On Fire ReviewFOUR HEARTS This story I had to sleep on it before gathering my thoughtsThis story won t be for everyone Let me talk to those who might interested Trigger Warnings off page sexual assault physical abuse And if you re a reader who likes their hookers to only sleep with the main character while they re together this isn t for you either Because Micah has no issue with AngelAiden the prostitute continuing his trade while they non datefake datehook up Angel continues hooking throughout the majority of the bookStill with me CoolLove Starved is an apt title Twenty seven year old information security trainer Micah Geller is lonely He s uiet owns a success business CAME OUT A LITTLE LATER A LITTLE LATER LIFE AND HAS out a little later in life and has experienced love He has an ideal of perfect love His one time with a relationship was 2 years ago and he is still burned by that horrid affair When his bossy best friend gives him a card of an escort Angel she and her husband used Micah drunk emails him and asks for the boyfriend experience But not for sex He wants to be fooled by love to actually have one night of being with someone who is attentive gentlemanly and cares about him It s a tricky setup but Angel takes it And gives something for Micah to think about But their date sorta backfired Micah s sister s friend sees them together and blabs to his sister This snowballs into a fave trope of mine FAKE BOYFRIENDS Micah is too cowardly to tell people that he hired an escort and that Angel s not his boyfriend So he pays Angel extensively for family timeThis story is very slow burn Micah has a person who could fulfill any sexual fantasy he had right at his finger tips and the book doesn t go there There is sex don t worry But the slow relationship pace is what caught me That and Micah s loneliness He was such a sweet man and thoughtful Angel has a past and secrets He tries to eep it professional but he is drawn to Micah as Micah is just as drawn to him They become friends It takes time for Angel to trust Micah but trust him he does Micah pays for a night of sex his pining becomes too much and then he learns something darker about his friend and Angel s real name Aiden The plot is a slow twist and sometimes it gets too sweet or sometimes it might get too slow but I couldn t stop reading Just when I thought I could predict what would happen next I didn t Points for the bookIs the book realisticIsh Realistic ishSome of the reactions and reasonings behind life choices or situations were a little out there My biggest concern being Aiden s reasoning behind choosing to prostituteI highly doubt anyone wants to be a prostitute when growing up There are several reasons why anyone becomes a prostitute but AngelAiden s is a shaky one If it were for a selfish mean or if he was tricked or forced or even if he came up with he really enjoyed sex Anything other that especially when he barely gave any credence to even wanting contact with his reason And then the exc. E him What he doesn’t have is a partner to share it with a fact that’s never bothered him much But the romantic in him isn’t entirely dead When a moment of. ,

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