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E The Halo universe has really GROWN SINCE THAT FIRST GAME I since that first game I class="075a7552bc7ab2ce1ed3b8ae150d4192" style="color: #FF99CC; font-size: 38px;">don *t do consoles so I ve never played the other installments *t do consoles so I ve never played the other installments ton *do consoles so I ve never played the other installments A ton stuff happened after John stopped the Flood on the first HaloThe downside is that the information is incomplete Some bits are extensively illustrated the section on weapons obsessively so but in other cases they skip the art entirely I m all about spaceships so it was disappointing to see so few of them in this book despite the pages and pages of entries The ones given the most attention are those from the first game They get multiple entries each But I wanted to also see the new ones and the ones that played a pivotal role in the epic story While reading I had to go online to see pictures such as the Chiroptera class Beatrice That kind of defeats the purpose of a book like this I didn t need four pages and ten angles of the Pelican dropship That s the Millenium Falcon of the Halo universe we all know it Sometimes it s not clear which ship is being depicted A little less artsy fartsy book design and a little be an encyclopedia would have made this book superbThere are also a number of misspellings throughout the text I get how a copy editor could miss lose when they meant loose but some words were simply spelled incorrectlyIf you like holding a giant book in your lap and looking at these sorts of things get it from your library If you re actually interested in the specific details of the characters and vehicles used in the Halo universe go to the Halo Wiki pag. S behind it and of course EVERYTHING about weapons villains heroes vehicles locations and.

characters Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º Tobias S. Buckell

It was interesting to find out other little tidbits about the Halo universe Everything you ever wanted to know about the Halo universe is in here As a fan of Scifi I find my attention is dreawn to the methology of the univrse the material is set is as well as the story itself I loved it My nephew likes killing me in Halo so I got this for us to look at He loved it and it has so much information here great pictures and wow so Much Work Went Into work went into Dont think it will stop him killing me though This is the greatest and least boring encyclopedia I have ever read not that I ve read many encyclopedias With everything from Johnson s missions before he met 117 to the details of the Covenant Hierarchy to the Forerunner Flood war and some hints of why *the prophets cant activate the rings themselves and *prophets cant activate the rings themselves and they have to capture a human to do it for them and why 343 Guilty Spark tried to kill you Hint its like insanity for AIs we all knew you Hint its like insanity for AIs we all knew was nuts If there is ANYTHING you want to know about the Halo Universe this is your definitive guide It holds great information and greater insight than the games and books were ever able to give I wonder what will happen with the release of HaloReach this coming Fall This encyclopedia will already be out of date I understand there is a Forerunner series coming out soon too If that is true it will be interesting to see if they create an updated version of this encyclopedia MUST READ Very informative although an updated version will be needed very soo. Everything you ever wanted to know about Master Chief and the Halo universe is now at you. .
N especially with the Forerunner book trilogy finishing up Greg Bear the newer post Halo 3 book trilogy Karen Traviss and the release of Halo 4 coming in November This was an interesting read for anyone that has played any of the Halo games Anything you might be interested in knowing is in this encyclopedia and there is a lot of nice Halo themed artwork to look atThe writing isn t Shakespeare and it sometimes feels like later entries are ust rehashing earlier ones but it was interesting It would be even better if you could get this at your local library since it is pretty expensive for what you get I really thought this was a great great book I posted some pictures from it here This book is okay I really enjoy tomes like this which detail an imaginary universe and history all the cool worldbuilding stuff that goes into imaginary worldsI grew up reading things like The Silmarillion but I really liked the ones where they combined art with text such as The Terran Trade Authority books from the late 70s like Spacecraft 2000 To 2100 AD and Great Space Battles as well as the The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I still read RPG Sourcebooks because I enjoy the worldbuilding Aspects Also The Cool Also the cool was also a huge fan of the original Halo game It s the closest I ve ever come to experiencing addiction Alcohol gambling drugs food none of these do anything for me But man Halo I had to sell my copy to get my life back So I was looking forward to thisAnd there *s a lot of cool info in her. R fingertips Learn about the origins of the game its place in *a lot of cool info in her. R fingertips Learn about the origins of the game its place in history the mechanic. HALO Encyclopedia

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