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Ry and archaeological sources for the period after Aristotle Particular attention is paid to the Greeks' conception of the inuiries they were engaged in and to the interrelations of science and technology In the first part of the book the author considers the two hundred years #after the death of aristotle devoting separate chapters # the death of Aristotle devoting separate chapters mathematics astronomy and biology He goes on to deal with Ptolemy and Galen And Concludes With A concludes with a of later writers and of the problems raised by the uestion of the decline of ancient scien.

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Greek ScienceA single volume edition of GER Lloyd's two books 'Early Greek Science Thales to Aristotle' and 'Greek Science After Aristotle' from 1970 two books 'Early Greek Science Thales to Aristotle' and 'Greek Science After Aristotle' from 1970 1973 respectively'Early Greek Science Thales to Aristotle'This study traces Greek science through the work of the Pythagoreans the Presocratic natural philosophers the Hippocratic writers Plato the fourth century BC astronomers and Aristotle #G E R Lloyd # E R Lloyd investigates the relationships between science and philosophy and science and medicine; he discusses the social and economic setting of. ,
Early Greek science; and he The Motives And Incentives the motives and incentives the different groups of writers 'Greek Science After Aristotle'In previous volume in this series Early Greek Science Thales to Aristotle G E R Lloyd pointed out that although there is no exact euivalent to our term 'science' in Greek Western science may still be said to originate with the Greeks In this second volume Greek Science after Aristotle the author continues his discussion of the fundamental Greek contributions to science drawing on the richer litera.