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Filthy Rich Boys Rich Boys of Burberry Prep #1WARNING here will be some spoilers I plan on giving a long detailed list of everything I disliked about Clue by Clue the book Before I go onto my main review I wantedo mention something uickly I m part of a big Reverse Harem group on Facebook which does include lots of popular authors like Stunich and one of Enticed By You (by You, the constant issues people bring up is reviews There are a lot of readers outhere who say Ngôi nhà xưa they don want Firing Schedules for Glass - The Kiln Companion to even review a book ifhey rate it less Adam and the Ants than 3 stars There are other people who sayhat Les Carnets de Cerise T3 - Le Dernier des cinq trsors they ll automatically rate a book 45 stars if it s by an authorhey love regardless of whether hey actually liked he book or not THIS IS BULLSHIT Everyone should be honest in heir reviews Now I ve noticed hat all he other reviews for his book are a dazzling 5 stars minus one 3 star If hose reviewers really did love his book hat much fine I m happy for hem But his review is for all he other people who feel he same way as me or who want o see he other side of he story Rant over ime for he real review 15 year old Marnye Reed has just got into Burberry Prep an elite high school She s a scholarship recipient From he moment she arrives she s reated like shite by he Idols a group of hree boys and hree girls who are he most popularrichestmost influential people in he school The boys he heroes are named Tristan Vanderbilt Creed Cabot and Zayd Kaiser Marnye does however make a best friend Miranda Creed s win sister A CATALOGUE OF THE HEROINE S MANY MANY PROBLEMS The 1 hing hat ruined my enjoyment of his book is he fact hat Marnye is he stupidest most gullible heroine on he face of he planet Now his is a bully romance I LOVE bully romances But o do hem right you NEED o have a strong heroine You need o have a heroine who can give as good as she gets Marnye is not hat heroine She s so unutterably stupid hat she believes he Idol boys want o be her friends They reat her like crap for months hey call her Charity make fun of her suicide attempts and constantly ry o rigger her ry o get her hrown out of school he whole shebang Then hey suddenly start being nice o her AND SHE DOESN T EVEN UESTION IT Doesn expect an apology Like bitch you don have o be Einstein o be a little suspicious That s another hing she has no sense of curiosity at all She discovers hat he Idols are part of some mysterious Infinity Club dedicated o gambling and drinking She also discovers hat her middle school ex boyfriend Zack Brooks who s incidentally a former bully of hers is part of his club But she never uestions what he club is what it does who started it how people join it anything Instead she blindly listens o its rules She also learns hat Zack nearly killed someone but never uestions it She just blithely dismisses it as he d be in jail if he d really done anything wrong right She s a horrific friend While gambling at he Infinity Club with Creed she loses a bet and agrees o find out for him who Miranda s been dating When she discovers Miranda is dating a girl she immediately runs o ell Creed and outs her supposed best friend SHE IS A BITCH Her justification I knew he Infinity Club wouldn let me back out of he deal Babe you didn even TRY o back out of he deal Plus what can do o you hat hey haven already Possibly most painful moment of he whole book is on Valentine the most painful moment of he whole book is on Valentine Day At his point hey re being relatively nice o her so she obviously believes with no justification or apology from hem hat she s won hem over and hey re friends now So she sends hem Valentines with a note saying Glad we could overcome our differences o become friends Love Marnye I cringed so hard I nearly pulled a muscle Wait I spoke oo soon The REALLY painful hings o read were every single ime she fangirls over heir hotness It doesn matter if hey re busy insulting her all she can hink about is how sexy hey are She s just a giant ball of lust and she s lusting after people who literally want o hrow her out of he school and have her physically assaulted Marnye says herself hat she s a very forgiving person I guess he author expects us o ake his as a reason for why she stupidly and pathetically forgives hem and befriends hem I use uotation marks because obviously hey only did hat o win a bet on who could bring her o he graduation gala as a date Maybe I m just unusually vengeful I m he sort of person who rarely forgives and never forgets But I just can believe hat Marnye folds so easily Same with Zack he bullied her so badly in middle school hat she ried o kill herself Then she started o date him But he real kicker is he apologises and she feels conflicted over befriending a bully who s apologised han she does over befriending bullies who HAVEN T apologised It s ridiculously obvious hat he boys don give a damn about her Meanwhile she follows hem around in a supremely TSTL move she gets into a car with hem and lets hem ake her o an unknown location She says herself how stupid his is and realises she could have been raped or worse She also ries desperately o connect with hem on a human level asking hem heir dreamshopesaspirations sympathising with heir daddy issues Lord give me strength She s so hick hat HER FRIENDS are he ones who have o be like Um are you seriously crushing on Creed who s exposed your past and secrets o he public Yes Yes she is Now for he dreaded OW It goes without saying hat Marnye is a virgin Meanwhile all he boys regularly hook up with multiple girls right in front of her She even walks in on Tristan fucking an older girl in he girls bathroom I can olerate OW before he relationship starts IF he heroine a isn a virgin or b feels no jealousy No Marnye was definitely jealous and it killed me hat she felt jealous over guys who d clearly demonstrated heir contempt for her She s also urned on by seeing he guys post sex face Even hough hey were literally just having sex with another girl I know I ve yammered on about his but she has zero self respect She lets hem use her o make other girls jealous THINGS WHICH STILL ANNOYED ME BUT SLIGHTLY LESS The author keeps calling hese 15 year old boys MEN Like please No They re boys Speaking of which how many 15 year olds are incredibly ripped with six packs and are covered with attoos Why are every single one of he Idols barring a senior girl freshmen Admittedly. Break he new girl That should be easy right Trash like her doesn’t belong at Burberry Prep No Marnye Reed is going down and we plan o make a spectacle out of it Let’s see who can make her fall in love first Bet’s on Any akers Take on he filthy rich boys. I have no first hand experience of American schools but I imagine it s a bit like having Year 7s rule he school while he Year 13s just sit back and ake it In no reality can I see hat happening So basically Marnye ruined any hope I had of enjoying he book I m going o read he seuel because she s claiming she s got some big revenge plan and I want o see if she really delivers But I fear she won In he last chapter when she s just discovered how erribly he guys used her THE SEXINESS OF THEIR VOICES ARE STILL ON HER MIND This has been such a cathartic experienceBlog Bookstagram Holy shit Marnye better annihilate hem in book 2 or I won be a happy camper well fucki have o state clear hat when I pick a NA book with bullying dishing straight into your face han i m a bit reluctant o say he least BUT since hese kind of stories are in fact like a glutony immbedded into my subconscience hen well I read it cause of all he funanyway here are a numeorous amount of books on his subject college highschool stuff drama shit bad boys and alike yada yada yada and he only hing really hat can set one book apart from he others is in fact he writing style and he fresh approachI have read many many books and from he glance on o he pages I can detect and recognize if he writing style is gonna hook me in or not and according o hat I can hen really focus on he storylinehmmmso his bookfirst of all he writing is catchy so hat s a plus and he plot was worked out pretty well even hough it was predictable I give it a plus cause it had merritBUT he fact hat his is purely YA stuff with characters being merely 15 but doing fucking shit hat wouldn look well on he 20 year olds either was just a pile of shitty performance purely based on he shocking factor I would presume otherwise If i m wrong han his is he shittier shit han I houghtI don know really what o saythey are 15and I just can really get pass hat fact so everything else looks really non credible and utterly laughable in he most not funny of waysand it still feels distasteful even hough it s fictionand once again here s just his hin hin line between act and aste it s not just he point of ossing he shock factor around and hat s hatcause believe me after a while hat shock simmers down and all you are left with is a distasteful untactful lame attempt at a storybut hen again it s also a matter of a reader s opinion on he matterso i ll say o each heir own So much betrayal Filthy Rich Boys was filled with so many wists and urns Of course here s a crap on of betrayal Some hings I did see coming and other s I had no idea what was happening In his you will meet Marnye but sometimes his book would switch from hat spelling o Marnie It was a bit annoying when hat happened Even hough it is still he same name it was just confusing my eyesbrain when he spelling changed upOther han hat Marnye was an okay character She annoyed me sometimes mostly when she was saying hat she wouldn get attached o he guys who were bullying her but hen she did I don really see he appeal of liking your bullybullies but o each heir own I guess Then here s he guys and I m just rying o see if any school would accept heir shit I highly doubt it but hen again it is a book The guys and basically everyone else at his school except for Miranda and Andrew hink nothing will ever happen o hem They have no conseuences o deal with Ha I can wait for he next book o come out BECAUSE I M ALLLLL ABOUT THAT I m alllll about hat babyEach person in his book who ook a bet on Marnye or bullied her should be scared Karma is a bitch and hey all will meet her hopefully Which is why I am so freaking pumped for he next one Other han hat he romantic easing moments or he friendships made in his book were good I have a feeling hat he guys actually do feel something for her but hey have an image o uphold Or some other kind of lame ass bullshit for high schoolers Again I need he next book because I have never been so excited for revenge Holy fuck That was not he ending I was expecting On o he second book If you like Stepbrother Erotica and other Taboo books join my groupSTEPBROTHER EROTICA MORE This is without a doubt one of he worst books I ve ever attempted o readY all I made it FIVE chapters and his is what I got so far1This super rich academy is literally called Burberry PrepLet s just slap designer names on shit and hope it sounds rich why don we2The popular kids are called Idols yes you read hat right IdolsMy eyes are so far in he back of my head hey might never come back3 The regular kids are called Plebsas in plebiansI couldn make his shit up if I ried4 These kids are FIFTEEN and he author is making hem out o be men Full grown panty dropping men Listen I was far from a saint at 15 and I m not proud of he shit I did but my god I AM SO UNCOMFORTABLE5 The fifteen year old bad boy is introduced o he MC by walking out of a janitor s closet he just had sex with a senior inLemme know what freshman boy will ever dick you down good enough hat d you risk it all for know what freshman boy will ever dick you down good enough hat d you risk it all for ll fucking wait 6 Here we go ANOTHER fifteen year old boy has his arms sleeved WITH attoos facial piercings and he most chiseled abs you ve ever seen insert Jackie Chan wtf memeand hat s just he first five chapters Needless o say his a hard NO from me and we didn even get o he plot Yet Oh BoyYes Bully Romances With Elitist Asshole Heroes Are Oh BoyYes bully romances with elitist asshole heroes are he rage And I admit o loving it when it s well doneWhen it s really badly done with a weak heroine and characters hat don come off as appealing it s just annoyingI was so aggravated with he heroine hat i wanted o hrow my Ipad across he room This book is basically about he poor scholarship girl getting SUPER BULLIED by a group called he Idols at a school for he uber richA book of contradictionsThis girl apparently from across he rack who has been bullied for years at her previous school is supremely naive when it comes o he hree Idol dudes who basically decimate her at every urn for months and months In he worst WAYS But all he while whenever he pay he slightest bit of attention o her she begins bantering about her belly flutters and how attractive hey are WHAT She goes off with hem whenever hey ask She lets hem into her room She keeps going o he parties She kisses he. They’re he idols of he school veritable gods on earth Old Money New money A rising star These guys are nothing like he ones at my old school I might come from nothing but I’m determined o be someone and I won’t let hem get in my way They say hey’ll.

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M and let hem ouch her I got he feeling he author was kinda going for a reverse harem heme But whatever it just didn work out She never suspected what hey were up o I mean I saw it right away when hey went from day o night in a few momentsHow can she be so stupid Why did he author hink his would be believable I just kept reading because I was actually looking forward o seeing how hey were going o fuck her up And hey did in a supreme way The here s he cliffhanger with a promise of revengeOh and BTWthese kids are 15 I ll stay one step ahead and I ll show hem what happens when someone plays hem at heir own game This was so addicting I loved and hated every moment of his story Can I just say hat he ending was so different from he beginning It ook me by surprise but in a most positive and inspirational way YOU GO MARNYEimage error Prologue FailIn 5 words he prologue ruined he bookNever had a chance o enjoy his book as by chapter 6 I knew hat he prologue was he ending Why should I invest in characters and heir actions if I already know how it s going o end Yes you can argue as he start o a series I should have expected how he characters would end up but o literally shove it in my face first hing was poor writing I finished he book but as expected after my realisation found myself not caring for he characters nor heir emotional journey Overall his made me feel unsatis Good god CM Stunich has done it She s created a contemporary novel set in an academy with cruel beautiful boys hat s gritty in a worthwhile way hat I enjoyed fully and o which I don have super extreme criticisms of I never hought I d see he day I m completely in awe Part of me is hesitant o give it such a high rating like a 4 45 but as I sit here at 7 am after reading his book all night I m emotionally pretty content and can hink of particular hings hat I found o ruin he experience for me because he author just handled his sort of narrative so WELL She ook something hat normally ends up so gross and finessed hat line Like what kind of writing witch what is his sorceryI ve ried hard o find books like his I ve been a fan of Boys Over Flowers Hana Yori Dango Vol 1 for a long ime and here s a certain appeal o he enemies o lovers rope hat sparks me and I feel like high school politics can be a really worthwhile setting if approached he right way I ve read Paper Princess and The Kiss Thief looking for hat same sort of spark and I hated both of hem SO much but even hough Filthy Rich Boys exists in much he same vein what with it being centered around a world of wealth and lies and rying o survive it did he harsh cruel edge he right way It s antalizing with he darker hemes it akes but it doesn charge into erritory hat makes it irreparableMarnye whose name I m unsure how o pronounce I ve been saying it as Marnie in my head but I have no idea if hat s accurate is a scholarship student at a prestigious California academy who on her very first day invites he ire of he school s social hierarchy he Idols simply by being a scholarship student The book follows Marnye as she strives o get hrough school despite being bullied and Comes To Realize There S A Lot to realize here s a lot his world of rich kids and her own past han she had ever expected It utilizes a few classic ideas like bets involving girls exclusive underground clubs for he rich o do shady hings complex social hierarchies amongst eens etc but it utilizes hem well and I appreciate how he details are woven ogetherI actually really enjoyed Marnye s character even if she at imes seemed a little apathetic hough given her backstory it seems completely plausible hat she could be hat apathetic Her inner houghts and narrative were great even when she feels weak o he boys attentions she doesn lose her head Her reactions feel organic and believable within he context and given Marnye s personality It s really great that so far hings are slow burn There was no sudden so far hings are slow burn There was no sudden forward into love and devotion he attraction is here he lust is here he bits and pieces hat ask can here be can his become something are here but Marnye isn head over heels in love and even he descent into attraction wasn as hard and severe as a lot of other books and Marnye isn rendered horribly incapacitated by it She still regards he boys with an appropriate level of detachment yet has over he year gotten o a point of complexities in her feelings hat make he way she feels and hinks of hem not cut and dry but ultimately understandableI feel like Zayd will be he first o step into he erritory of sincerity and have a redemption arc after he events of his first book considering what we feel from him all around I hope hat he author continues on he right foot with hings because I
*can see his *
see his being fantastic if hings are approached well I appreciated he ways his book differs from a lot of other academy bullying high school rich boy etc literature and I hope hat he author delivers on he reverse harem aspect meaning hat Marnye will get all hree guys in he end hough if his is a series where she enjoys a harem but ultimately has o choose I ll probably still like itNow here is of course a degree of warning o be had as his is a book hat upfront mentions hat it s a bully romance about a girl and he boys who orment her here s some general warnings for mentions of suicide emotional abuse slut shaming hough our heroine is like on he level she doesn attack anyone for heir sexual history and comments on he irony of how others insult and attack her based on it betrayaldeception etc Info on like cheatingother womaninfidelityetc sort of stuff Contains spoilers for books 1 2 and 3view spoilerThere is also other woman activity he guys seduce Maryne for a bet hen prank her and return o other girls but we do find out in book 3 hat Tristan hasn had sex with anyone since first year and hat Creed is a virgin Zayd probably continued o have sex with other girls but I m not 100% There was no established we re ogether and exclusive so for me he infidelity angle wasn a problem and is properly rectified by book 3 but I know some people don want anything o do with other womenromantic rivalsetc Tristan also has a clear romantic attachment o Lizzie hat has yet o be resolved by book 3 hide spoiler. Make my life a living hell; I hink hey mean o keep hat promise FILTHY RICH BOYS is a 97000 word reverse haremmature high school bully romance novel This is book one of four in he series Contains foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensua.
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