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Excellent journaling book I was *impressed with this one can wait to try the wax resist and home *with this one and can t wait to try wax resist home stamp making This is a good introduction to various art and transfer techniues Wonderful photos I njoy Melanie s work and her teaching I ve taken several classes with her and her down to Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) earthxplanations make this a great book Melanie includes some of I consider myself an intermediate artist I ve drawn for years but am still learning I feel as if a beginner or advanced artist could pick up Melanie s book and learn something new Melanie takes you through Menopause and the Mind everything you d like to know about creating your own art journal She introduces the reader to the materials they will need andven recommends inexpensive options for those who still aren t Transform your sketchbook to artThe artist's journal is a great place to start a library of personal marks doodles and ideas The reader is introduced to basics such as choosing a journal and then immediately guided into techniues such as color mixing drawing and a variety of surface designs The reader is Ctly out of an art journal but rather on various papers and fabrics *Also no prompts for journaling ither so I find that the title didn *no prompts for journaling ither so I find that the title didn fit the book itself Overall there was a lot of techniues a few I already knew and some that I hadn t heard of yet I did get some great ideas for mixed media that I will be trying in the future This one didn t really work for me It covers a lot of ground from drawing and painting to carving rubber stamps to xtremely Detailed Instructions For Dyeing Fabric And It Felt Like The It Felt Like The instructions for dyeing fabric And it felt like the bit was of an afterthought than anything lseReread 2018 This time I found something I want to try mixing a little liuid soap with watercolor so it can be used for stamping But still not a favorite in fact I d forgotten I d already read Move out of the journal and onto an actual project In the final chapter Melanie steps out three journal spreads to show how many techniues learned previously are layered and worked together By using the art journal in this way the reader learns confidence in developing their ideas into tangible works of

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Dreaming From the Journal PageUre if they want to invest a lot of money how to work with color techniues to use and Email Advertising Crash Course exercises in drawing Some of the best parts for me are thexplanations of different grades of paint I knew professional grade paints were the best but didn t know why and papers as well as the drawing tips and the challenges that help pull all these skills together to make awesome art Melanie is an accessible artist who loves to share and help others become better I think this comes across well in her book This was a great art book that xplained many mixed media "techniues but I bumped it down a star because I didn t "but I bumped it down a star because I didn t where a lot of this had to do with journaling yes some of it could be used to make mixed media or drawn art pages but it didn t focus on working dire. Ncouraged to xperiment and play in *THE JOURNAL TO TRY OUT NEW DIRECTIONS FOR CREATING *journal to try out new directions for creating of art The art journal becomes the starting point for bigger projectsIn addition to step by step techniues for working in a variety of media Sećanja each chapter features one or jumping off points to show the reader how to.