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45 stars Julie almost laughed at the idiculousness of the momentHere was A Short Term Kind short term kind girl begging for a long term elationship from a long term kind of guy who wanted a fling ExpectationsA funny fluffy ead with a hot male lead and lots of banters and smexy times that would leave me smiling in a cutecreepy wayRealityA funny fluffy ead with a surprisingly hot Wall Street broker with pant melting dimples and lots of banters and smexy times and a little drama that left me smiling until my face hurtMission accomplished The story Julie Greene had built a career #OUT OF FALLING IN LOVESTAYING IN # of falling in loveStaying in so much Julie s articles on first dates and kisses have made her a celebrity in New Yorkand she enjoys every second of her jobUntil she is assigned to write a story about the evolution of a Your Name Here relationship from toe curling first kisses to comfy movie nights and her life turns into a nightmare because she doesn t do thatSoshe decides to go undercover and have aelationship with a commitment looking guy and who s better for the part than an uptight broker who cringes at the word flingOnly Mitchell has an agenda of his ownand he s accepted a bet that he will have a fling with Julie and nothing What could possibly go wrong Thoughts Was it predictableYesDid I get a How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days vibeYeapDid I love it nonethelessHell yeahI felt like I was watching a Hollywood movieyou know a chick flick that makes you swoon and even though you know things like these would never happen in Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, real life you still wish for them and after the end you wallow in self pity and you are convinced you ll die alone with your 72 cats that will probably eat your corpseAfter the Kiss was an extremely well writtenlight and entertainingomance that made me smile and fall in love yes yes I fall in love at least twice a weekso what I have a big heart Nothing too complicatedwith only the necessary amount of drama and some seriously steamy scenes and then some chocolate sweet scenes that made my heart meltSometimesa pink cloud is all a girl needs Love is not a gameladiesTreat it like oneand you True re bound to lose I just loved the dynamic between Julie and MitchellThey had absolutely nothing in commonthey intended to use each other and be done with it until theyealised that they clickedthey lost control over their hearts and their minds and started wanting things they dared not sayAngsttension and tenderness defined ther A Fairly Honourable Defeat relationship and I couldn t help but swoon because ohmigod Mitchell was a sexy beastAn ovaries exploding sexy beastSo yesAfter the Kiss is a book I absolutelyecommend if you want something to cheer you up and do funny things to your insidesHere s a Henry Cavill gif because I could totally picture him as Mitchell well I picture him as every male character I like but that s irrelevant 4 KISS ME STARSReaders welcome to After the Kiss a contemporary Fucking Trans Women romance that swept me off myomantic feet I think I may have just have fallen a little in love with this author her books are made in kindle heaven This adorable story is like a gorgeous combination of Sex and the city meets How to loose a guy in ten days with the like ability and humour of Bridgett Jones and here are my book thoughts What s it all aboutJulie Greene is a successful journalist in New York city writing for the popular and eually famous Stiletto magazine known in society as the publication princess of her expertise this feisty professional has no interest in falling in love Flirting dating and shoes are her passions so it comes as a shock when her demanding boss Slavery Reborn reuests that she completes an article on taking the next step Julie feels grossly under ualified for such aomantic task and turns to her two best friends for assistance and so the plan is hatched for Julie to find a man who she can test out the theory of taking that dreaded next step with Mitchell Forbes is as serious about You Can Make Anything Sad relationships as his employment on wall street a night out with a friend ends in a bet thatesults in the meeting of Julie and Mitchell neither know they are the subject of their individual dating experiments and neither Life Leverage realised they would start to feel something for each other a hilarious andomantic tale of these two loveable characters ensues which takes us ight up to the possibility of a change of heart and a happily foreverWhat did I loveThis book has hilarious banter by the bucketful I loved the witty dialogue between the characters and as always I feel the bonus when a book hosts alternating character POV s I felt I was able to connect with the characters with the dual POV and connect I most certainly did After the kiss has a likeable and efreshing twist in this story it s the heroine who is not interested in the happily ever after and the hero who would be happy to find the love of his life The misunderstandings and troublesome parts of the story are amusing Alhambra rather than annoying and all the drama and upset is ent. Lauren Layne kicks off her Sex Love Stiletto series with a delightful short novel In After the Kiss the star columnist of Stiletto magazine will do anything for a story Anything except fall in love   Julie Greene loves flings Loves steamy first dates sizzling first kisses and every now and then that first sexyomp between the sheets Comfy pants sleepy Sundays movie nights on. Ertaining and not at all angsty a eal treat in my opinion This author definitely knows her way around my omantic heart she writes characters that fall in love over time and builds true to life swoon worthy Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World relationships that make sense to me as I meading Mitchell Forbes is a sexy smart interesting character he makes a business man sound positively yummy and I definitely connected with his geeky handsome ways Julie Greene is a uirky amusing character who had me laughing out loud at her antics and the The Infinite Air relationships with her friends had me already thinking I want future books to be made just for themWhy not fiveEverything pointed in theight direction for a five star ead but sadly around the 60% mark I lost a little bit of that loving feeling I missed the banter and uick wit between the characters that was evident at the start but thankfully the ending at the start but thankfully the ending a 180 and I got the butterflies I wanted But make no mistake I eally love this authors work and will gladly Pandoras Planet read everything sheeleasesFinal thoughts I discovered this author ecently with Isn T She Lovely t she lovely fantastically gorgeous NA book straight away I wanted to ead some of her How To Win At Casino Gambling romantic tales and came across this this little beauty I was not left wanting i m convinced this author could write in anyomantic genre and I d enjoy it After the kiss is a sweet sexy and funny tale of finding true love in unexpected places If all of the above sounds appealing and you enjoy an easy going contemporary Training the Help (Hedon Falls romance go grab iteaders enjoy Kisses ARC generously provided by Random house publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest When Not to Build review The fling became loveI started and finished After the Kiss in one day This is a cute story about a journalist named Julie who writes about love in the beginning stages Her articles talk about first dates kissing and how thing should be done She s an expert in the field because it s all she knows Julie doesn t doelationships as she doesn t want to be boring and predictable like other couples she knows Life is one big party and an endless supply of good looking dates She loves her life and has no plans to change it Even though Julie is a successful writer her boss decides that her articles need a shake up She wants Julie to write an article on taking things to the next level At first she is adamant she can t do it but after a pow wow with her best friends and colleagues Grace and Riley she comes up with an idea of how to get the job doneMitchell works on Wall Street He s just broken up from a two year elationship and feeling on edge At a fundraiser with Colin a mate and work colleague they talk about Mitchell s need to make every elationship a serious one Mitchell decides it s time to shake thing up and change the planFrom the beginning
"this couple doesn "
couple doesn approach things in their usual way She s looking for and he s looking for less They meet don t particularly like each other but are determined to get to know each other better Both of them don t want their hearts involved so make sure to guard themJulie and Mitchell are keeping secrets from each other and unfortunately get found out This puts a huge strain on their Hello Bravo ! - Activity Book relationshipThis story was fairly short but long enough to give me what I need in aomance An Eye for an Eye read There is a decent amount of sexy times some good laughs and a few tears The additional chara 55 The bet the story Stars Aftereading Irresistibly Yours I couldn t stop myself and I decided on Still Side by Side reading Lauren s Sex Love Stiletto series And I cannot be happier about it I am thoroughly enjoying it After the Kiss is the first novel in this series and it is about Julie Greene a very succesful journalist expert on dating and now a worried one because she has to write about something and Mitchell Forbes a Wall Street worker who does a different bet with a collegue and the subject of Julie s next story But this thing with Mitchell and sheeally didn t have a name for it felt far too private And she was afraid she knew why She was falling for him She was falling for the subject of her story I LOVED THIS BOOK Loved It has an amazing storyline as I said a previous time I am Oriori No Uta really enjoying Layne s writing its characters are full of emotions I was literally crying so many times and the chemistry between the two main characters is of the chards hot I mean THAT FIRST KISS the fucking sexual tension OMG Amazingly done Lauren Layne She wasn t going to write the storyMitchell meant too much to her And even if it wouldn t break his heart to have theirelationship splayed across Stiletto s shiny pages it would break hers What they had was too precious to share with the world It was theirs and theirs alone Am I the only one that sees a Four Word Film Reviews resemblance of this story with a uite famous Americanom com I think I even enjoyed it because of that because I love that movie as well LOL After the Kiss Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes reminds me of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days the film staring Kate Hudson and Matth. The couch Shudder But when Julie gets assigned the hardest story of her career a first person account of that magical shift between dating and “I do” she’ll need a man brave enough to give a total commitment phobe a chance at   Normally Mitchell Forbes would be exactly that man A devastatingly hot workaholic who tends to stay inelationships for far too long he should
The Perfect Child
Ew McConaughey because of the story that Julie has to write and also because of the bet that Mitchell does with his friend But still looooooooooved it loved these two together and their sweet and sexy moments Mitchell Her whole heart was in the word saying the words she couldn t I know he said oughly against her neck I know Therefore my final You Owe Me One rating is 55 STARS because Ieally enjoyed this story and I cannot wait to Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes read the next one Still I haven t given my special 6 starsating because I was expecting an epilogue But for everything else to me this was perfect Highly Second Son (Jack Reacher, recommend DCHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE 5 OVER THE MOON IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY STARSLOVED LOVED LOVED ITBR with Melissa and Denisse I m still just floating on cloud 9 aftereading ITBR with Melissa and Denisse I m still just floating on cloud 9 after United States of Americana reading oneThis is the second book I veeady by Lauren Layne and I already know this lady is going to be one of my top fave authorsHer stories seem to The Thermals of August read like theeally good Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller romcom movies of my youth with Sandra Bullock Julia Roberts and Drew BarryThis story definitely had a Sex and The City vibe to it We have Julie Greene who is 13 of a team of writers for New York s Stiletto magazineTheye called Dating Love and Sex but also have another nickname which I loved Kiss Cuddle and FuckJulie is the DatingKiss member of the trioShe The Perfect Child reminded me a little of Carrie Bradshaw but I kind of liked Julie a lot She s beautiful fun and doesn t doelationshipsShe s the serial daterDating many men who are gorgeous and mostly modelsJulie loves the first kiss first date and butterflies in your stomach feeling you get when you are with someone newThe thought of settling down with one person and having movie nights on Fridays with the same man is utterly horrifying to herMitchell is a stuffy Wall Street brokerHe s a habitual Lost Horizon relationship guy He usually dates women with high pedigrees and dull personalitiesMitchellecently broke up with his girlfriend of several yearsHe had planned on proposing but at the last minute he True Prosperity realized that there was no spark in thatelationship and that he was just going through the motionsThe two meet at a charity function at the MOMABoth have their own agendasJulie s boss has given her an ultimatum that she must write a story about how to get a guy to enter into a serious Thing He Loves relationshipShe s freaking out because this is something she has no experience in and neither does she want to as wellMitchell s friend suckers him into a betThe bet is for Mitchell to date a girl but by a certain date he must break up with her His friend seems to think Mitchell is always theelationship guy and can t do casual datingThe two meet and they Dr. Witchs Animal Hospital re off to aocky startThey both seem to think they e not each other s type and Mitchell is pretty snarky and sarcastic which throws Julie off #HER GAME A BITBUT EARLY ON # game a bitBut early on chemistry is pretty apparent between the twoIt even seems that they are actually good for each other and maybe they learn that things they used to cringe at are actually uite nice Julie is actually seeing that her old life might have been a bit empty and that she may even be falling a little for Mr Wall Street This one definitely had some pretty HOT sexy time scenesJulie and Mitchell had smoking hot chemistry when it comes to sex and KISSINGI just loved all the different types of kisses that Julie had catalog dMy favorites would be The Hot and Hard and The Teen The Hot and Hard A Favorite of alpha men Typically a precursor to sex Enough said The Teen Reckless a little messy possibly in public Hard to get ight but a personal favorite of Julie s when done correctlyThis one is not all fluffWe learn that Julie has endured a pretty HUGE personal tragedy early on in life and how Mitchell No Capital Required responds to it was so very touching and it explained why Julie never opened herself up toelationships beforeWe have some angst because you need a little bit for the story to be a good oneThe ending was just one word PERFECTIONI was Programming in Swift reminded of the ending to one of my favorite Drew Barry movies Never Been KissedI just can t say enough about how much I truly enjoyed and LOVED this story Iead this in less than a day and those who know me know I m a bit of a slow poke when it comes to WordPress Absolute Beginners Guide readingThiseading experience was made
"even fantastic because "
fantastic because The Complete Guide To Associate And Affiliate Programs On The Net Turning Clicks Into Cash read it with my girls Melissa and DenisseLove you girliesSo much fun chatting online with you and talking about our favorite types of kissesI would highlyecommend this book to anyone who needs a good pick me up You ll finish this with a huge smile on your face that lasts for days Here was a short term kind of girl begging for a long term Girls Like Us relationship from a long term kind of guy who wanted a fling Everyone talks about theewards of finding that one person Nobody warns you about the pain of losing him Real love the kind that matters is giving your heart to someone even after he tries to hand it backAnd it s knowing that you d give him your heart over and over again If only he d ask. E the perfect subject for Julie’s “research” But what Julie doesn’t know is that Mitchell is looking to cut loose for once in his life And the leggy journalist notorious for avoiding love is exactly the type of no strings fling he’s looking for In other words Mitchell is the polar opposite of what Julie needs Affiliate Marketing Then and Now right now And at the same time he’s exactly what she want.

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