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Thin and across national borders in order to reach abortion providers often at great expense over long distances and with significant safety risks Taking historical and contemporary perspectives contributors examine the situation in "Regions That Include Texas "that include Texas Edward Island Ireland Australia the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe Throughout they take a feminist intersectional approach to transnational travel and access to abortion services that #IS SENSITIVE TO INEUALITIES OF GENDER #sensitive to ineualities of gender and class in reproductive health careThis multidisciplinary volume raises challenging logistical legal and ethical. Abortion Across Borders

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Uestions while exploring the gendered aspects of medical tourism A noticeable rollback of reproductive rights and renewed attention to border security in many parts of the world will make Abortion across Borders of timely interest to scholars of gender and studies health law mobility studies "and usticeContributors Barbara Baird Niklas Barke Anna Bogic Hayley Brown Lori A Brown Cathrine Chambers Ewelina "reproductive usticeContributors Baird Niklas Barke Anna Bogic Hayley Brown Lori A Brown Cathrine Chambers Ewelina Gayle Davis Mary Gilmartin Agata Ignaciuk Sinad Kennedy Lena Lennerhed Jo Ann MacDonald Colleen Macuarrie Jane O'Neill Clare Parker Christabelle Sethna Sally Sheldon. Safe legal and affordable abortion "Is #WIDELY RECOGNIZED AS AN ESSENTIAL MEDICAL #Recognized As An Essential Medical For Women "widely recognized as an essential medical service for women the world When access to that service is denied or restricted women are compelled to carry unwanted pregnancies to term seek backstreet abortionists attempt self induced abortions or "EVEN TRAVEL TO LESS RESTRICTIVE STATES "travel to less restrictive states and countries to receive care Abortion across Borders focuses on travel across domestic and international boundaries to terminate a pregnancy Christabelle Sethna and Gayle Davis have gathered a cadre of authors to examine how restrictive policies force women to move both wi. ,
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